Ice + Fat Transfer

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Do You Recommend Icing 2 Weeks After Fat Grafting?

Lumps in cheeks after fat grafting (12 days ago). I have been putting ice on them, does this help or hurt? READ MORE

Can ice packs on the face after Facial Fat Transfer freeze the grafts causing them to be reabsorbed?

A doc on realself stated that the ice packs too the face can freeze the grafts. If this happens, is it possible to kill the grafts causing... READ MORE

Ice After Fat Transfer: Is It ok or Too Much?

I have applyed some ice for 3 days after my fat transfer is it ok or too Much ? I am very afraid to lose fat,thank u READ MORE

I had fat transfer surgery about a week ago. Can I do anything that would help it survive?

For example, even though a lot of the swelling has gone, it feels good to put ice on my face. Does this impede circulation to the harvested tissue?... READ MORE

I am mortified. I misunderstood the post op instructions (fat transfer.)

I had thought i needed to keep ice on every 20 min (which I have been doing up to a couple days ago.) I later found out fat cells are sensitive to... READ MORE

Fat grafts, will cold compress take swelling down?

Hello im two weeks post op after a neck lift and lower face lift i also had some lipo on my back and a fat graft put round my mouth . Out of all those... READ MORE

Is it possible to dissolve fat transfer?

Is there any way to disolve fat transfer while still in the healing process? I had it done 8 days ago and it's too much under my eyes. I was wondering... READ MORE

Tooooo much Fat transfer in my face, please help!!

I have fat transfer in my face, my surgeon put to much fat in my face, it has been 7 months and it does not get Any better, he told me it will go away... READ MORE

Facial Fat Transfer - What can I do to reduce chance of fat survival in chin?

I had facial fat transfer in my checks, nasolabial folds, and chin 2 weeks ago. But I regret the doing in my chin as it reshaped my face and made me... READ MORE

Two questions: I had fat transfer surgery on May 11. Do you think I'll have to re-do the procedure?

I didnt understand the post op instructions well, & I have been using this ice gel tmj mask on my face until about two days ago. Do you think I'll... READ MORE

I had a bilateral facial cheek fat graft transfer performed on 1-16-17 - swelling.

I had a facial cheek fat graft transfer performed on 1-16-17. I still have some swelling and tenderness on the left cheek side. Right side is great!... READ MORE

Fat transfer to cheek and trauma?

It's been exactly 19days since fat transfer to cheeks and my dog bumped into my face. I iced it right away thinking it'll help. Now I am afraid the... READ MORE

Worried that cold packs to fat grafts have affected their viability

I had fat grafts to my face. I put ice packs on for the first three days. I don't have much swelling 10 days later and have some hollow areas. Is it... READ MORE

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