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Fat Transfer to Eyebrows and Forehead - Is This Possible?

I am a 26 year old female with premature aging/gauntness of the face due to severe stress the past couple years. I have decided to get fat transfer... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for an Indented Scar?

I recently have had a Radiesse filler in my indented chicken pox scar but the filler has gone away in 2 months. I was wondering if a fat transfer was... READ MORE

Fat Grafting to Forehead or Other Options?

My forehead looks somewhat similar to the forehead of this celebrity, except that there is more of a bulge where my eyebrows are, especially on the... READ MORE

What could be cause of sudden loss of injected fat after lipofilling that was performed 12 years ago?

In 2002 I had lipofilling to correct a fairly large indentation between my eyebrows (glabella)/bottom of my forehead. The fat injection has been... READ MORE

What can I do to fill in hollow lower eyelids and prominent tear trough indentations/lines? (photos)

I recently used a chemical to grow eyebrows & the volume in my lower eyelids vanished. I am left with hollow eyes & PROMINENT indentations. I'm... READ MORE

Fat Grafting to the Sub Brow, Are these Results Usually Good?

Hello. I am scheduled for fat grafting in 14 days and I am very afraid. The areas that have been identified to be treated are bilateral brow, cheeks,... READ MORE

Fat graft removal? (Photo)

I had fat grafting done in Oct of 2014. The doctor overfilled my eyebrows. We didn't discuss adding fat there & I absolutely hate how it looks. My... READ MORE

What are common reasons why a 35 year old has so much volume loss? (photos)

The only thing I can think of is I'm slim and under lots of stress. If I were to gain weight and/or stress less, could I regain any of my volume loss.... READ MORE

Is it possible for dent in fat graft to go away?

Hi Doctors, I had fat graft mixed with PRP 2 weeks ago. I realised there is a dent in fats above my eyebrow now. Is that supposed to be temporary?... READ MORE

Fat transfer; can cold weather harm?

2 months after fat transfer i went skiing and it was freezing cold. Can this harm the Fat cells which were implanted in the eyebrows? READ MORE

I've recently had a facial fat transfer to my eyebrows. I'm concerned that due to stress fat cells get destroyed. Advice?

At the moment i have a lot of stress, most of it psychological. Is it possible that the transplanted fat cells get destroyed because of that... READ MORE

Any recommendation that does Fat Transfer in Canada?

I had a transfer done recently in Halifax NS, I has hardly any swelling ( not uncommon I heal extreamly well) . Now I'm looking for a specialist to... READ MORE

PRP Forehead fat graft indentations very visible? Top up just those areas?

PRP fat graft 5.5 mos ago on the forehead.Post op day 1 noticed one long vertical indentation very visible in most lighting. There is a lack of fat... READ MORE

Can fat cells which were transplanted into the eyebrows migrate after 3 weeks because of a job which is really "hard" ?

I had a fat transfer into the eyebrows and after 3 weeks i went to my new job as a music teacher. This job is ver "hard" for the face; singing; being... READ MORE

3 months after fat transfer to the eyebrows I bumped my head hard. Can it harm?

I bumped my head hard when I went out of the car. It was a move to get forward out of the car and the bang was were the hair begin and pulled all... READ MORE

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