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I Am 5 Weeks Post Face/neck Lift and As the Swelling is Receding, These Lines Are Becoming Deeper? (photo)

Do you know what the lines are from and will they eventually smooth out by themselves? I have started having lymphatic massage to help with the... READ MORE

Brow/forehead Lift Completed in December/now Have Bulging Muscle Upper Forehead?

I am 47 years old, female and had a facelift, lower lift, cheek lift and forehead lift. Everything really does look great for the most part. The... READ MORE

What can be done to correct indent under cheek after facelift? It looks hollow. (Photo)

One side of my face appears much tighter and there is an indent under my cheek. Also that side (left) is a bit larger. Im thinking I might need a... READ MORE

I Have a Quarter Size Indentation in the Mid-cheek After a Facelift/fat Transfer 1 Month Ago. What Can Be Done to Correct It?

I am 1 month post-op from a short-scar vertical facelift and full face fat transfer. Initially, there were two large lumps on one side of my face that... READ MORE

Indention Between my Eye and Check Bone After a Facelift/upper and Lower Lids. Options?

Can an indention from underneath my eye to my cheek bone be repaired after a facelift? I still have a little fat underneath each eye, but a little... READ MORE

14 week post op Modified Mac Face Lift & still areas of swelling, indents, lumps, dimples & puffiness. Is this normal?

I wake up every morning not knowing where the lumps & bumps will be next! When I massage, it seems to swell and takes 48 hours or so to get back to... READ MORE

I'm 46 year old mother, would you recommend a Rhinoplasty and a Facelift? (photo)

46 year old mother wanting to look young and beautiful again ( possible rhinoplasty or facelift considerations ) Increased wrinkles and pigmented... READ MORE

Is It Common to Have an Indentation Across Scalp Post Facelift?

Is It Common to Have an Indentation Across Scalp Post Facelift? READ MORE

Should I be afraid to get a Facelift after this happened to my friend?? (photos)

My bff had a facelift last year & she got a hard like feeling on her right cheek&then it turned into a bump&she had an indent in her cheek. The dr.... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a lateral sweep from a deeplane facelift?

If so why would this Happen? I have hollowing under my eyes and indentations in my malar cheek area that was not there before my deep plane facelift.... READ MORE

8 post op Facelift, still experiencing numbness & pulling thickened scars. Should I get a second opinion? Is this normal?(photo)

Enclosed are the photos of my face lift scars 8 months post op. I have a indentation and tension and pulling on my right ear and still am have... READ MORE

I had a facelift and full face erbium laser treatment 2 months ago and now have two strange indents on my chin! (Photo)

Could this be due to the erbium treatment? I never had these indents before the treatment and it does not seem to get any better. If it is due to the... READ MORE

Swelling, Lumps and Indentations after Facelift/Neck Lift and Liposuction

I am 4 Months post-op and in my mid-50's and normal weight. I am concerned as I still have some Swelling, Lumps and Indentations along jawline and... READ MORE

4 1/2 weeks post op, I have bumpy area and noticeable ridge on one side. Will this get better? (Photo)

I had a platysmaplasty and lower lift 4 1/2 wks ago. My neck is still red and bumpy/wrinkly in some areas. My main concern is my face. I have hard... READ MORE

Should I do a combination of filler and Facelift? (photos)

My nasal folds got deeper and now have indentations to the sides of those nasal folds including slight undulations leading to the ear. I would... READ MORE

Vertical indent 2 months post-op face lift. (Photo)

Hi. I am almost 7 week po facelift. 44year old femle. As the swelling is getting down, i noticed a vertical indent in my cheek toward to my ear, which... READ MORE

Looking for rev Facelift spec. in LA or Orange County Calif for composite facelift. Any suggestions? (photos)

Looking for a doctor in LA or Orange County that specializes in rev face lifts that would address the mid face and malar crescents, jowling and neck... READ MORE

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