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What Can I Do About my Very Uneven Face?

The whole left side is lower than the right side. from the eyes nostrols to the lips even. I have used fillers to try to even out my lips. I am... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Face Exercises

The right side of my face is higher than the other And I heard that doing facial exercises can help fix facial asymmetry but im not sure what... READ MORE

Willl a Corner of the Mouth Lift Correct my Asymmetrical Mouth?

I have an asymmetrical mouth that I'd like to correct through surgery. The present shape of my mouth may be completely natural, or the result of... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Cheek Asymmetry After Mid-face Lift with Fat Grafting?

At 11-days post-surgery, I developed a hematoma on my right cheek. Due to the hematoma, my R cheek felt rigid. Massage has helped to soften the tissue... READ MORE

Asymmetry and Lump After Mini Facelift and Eyelid Surgeries

I had a mini facelift 6 years ago (the procedure was performed twice at that time). I also had 2 procedures performed on my eyes - upper and lower... READ MORE

What Can I Do About The Asymmetry of my Eyes? (photo)

So I was born with really asymmetrical eyes. When I was younger, I had physiotherapy to try to keep my head up straight because my eyes are so wonky I... READ MORE

My Lower Lip Pulls to One Side and is Steadily Getting Worse With Age. What Can I Do?

It's not that noticeable when I'm animated, but when my mouth is closed and on photo's it is. It hasn't always been like this- I first... READ MORE

Does Facial Asymmetry After Plastic Surgery Go Away? How Long Does It Take?

I had a mid-face and neck lift and lower eyelid resurfacing over 5 weeks ago and never was told about the possibility of asymmetry of the face. I can... READ MORE

Chances of Disfigurement from Facelift?

I will have a Facelift to have a cyst removed from near my jaw. How likely is it that a nerve will be touched making my face asymmetric? READ MORE

Mentalis Strain & bulbous nose advice

Hi all, I am a 26 year old female looking for advice for improving my nose and chin area. The two main areas of concern are my chin (mentalis strain)... READ MORE

I am 31, and have always had an asymmetrical face, now I have sagging on one side. What procedure would help with this? (photos)

I am 31. I have always had a slight asymmetrical face. I have now got premature sagging on one side of my face which makes me look tired and older... READ MORE

Several Asymmetries, What Can Be Done! (photo)

I have many asymmetries that I think are all related. They drive me nuts! 1 My LFT face is more sunken or less full than RT, thus... 2 LFT eye appears... READ MORE

I have asymmetry after face/neck lift. What are the my chances of it resolving itself? (photos)

Had facelift/necklift 3 weeks ago. Skin and underlying fat on left side (as seen in photo) is loose from jaw and there is a little pooch hanging down... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Face - Makes Me Appear Angry, Please Help Me to Pinpoint the Problem Areas? (photo)

Please, I need some expert observations on the condition of my face, as it's been bugging me for a while not knowing exactly what is... READ MORE

Neck Skin Doesn't Look Even Lifted - 10 Months After Face & Neck Lift. Is This a Common Result? (photo)

Ten months after a face & neck lift (no lipo was done), the skin directly under my chin does not look or feel evenly lifted. One side is taunt and... READ MORE

I'm Looking for Suggestion of Changes I Can Make to Be More Symmetric and Beautiful? (photo)

There are so many options out there and I really don't know what's best for me. My fear is to see a doctor, but they only recommend what they do at... READ MORE

40 Year Male Here Thinking About a Facelift. Is It the Right Time? (photo)

Hi would love advice about whether I need to go under and have some work done to my face. I feel as if I'm looking tired all the time and my face is... READ MORE

What to Do After Macs Lift Disfigured my Face?

2.5 years ago, a surgean from belgium performed a macs lift, I had mostly loss of volume problem and she tried to correct this with a macs lift... READ MORE

Extreme swelling and overly tight face lift. 55 yr old woman 5 days out from surgery and look like a monster! (photo)

Will I ever look like I did before? My of side is rock hard but not red. Will the asymmetrical smile get better? Will I ever see my cheek bones again?... READ MORE

3 Weeks and Look 'Worked On' and Very Asymmetrical. Is That Normal? (photo)

Also had skin necrosis treated with hyperbarics, told by another surgeon was from flaps too tight. not sure if internal healing not happening... READ MORE

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