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9 Weeks Post Neck/Face Lift: Neck is Starting to Sag

Nine Weeks Post Neck/face Lift with Undermining and Submental Incision, my Neck Skin is Starting to Sag and Creep. Does the neck skin tighten over... READ MORE

Can Internal Stitches Work Their Way out After a Face Lift?

I had a face and neck lift 8 weeks ago and have suddenly developed an angry red area immediately in front of the right ear. Can this be from a problem... READ MORE

Black Eyes After Facelift Surgery

I had a facelift on October 27.  It has been 2 months, and I still have black eyes.  My surgeon said that they usually go away after 2 weeks... READ MORE

I'm 9 Weeks Post Op Following a Face/neck Lift with Significate Pain Around my Ears, Face and Neck (Under Entire Jaw Line)?

I believe it is a combination of nerve pain/swelling. I have severe burning pain all the time around ears, face and neck. IIt's worse on the left... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Cheek Asymmetry After Mid-face Lift with Fat Grafting?

At 11-days post-surgery, I developed a hematoma on my right cheek. Due to the hematoma, my R cheek felt rigid. Massage has helped to soften the tissue... READ MORE

I Had a Facelift 2 Months Ago and Have a Lateral Sweep on the Right Side of my Face? (photo)

After a facelift 2 months ago I have a lateral sweep or "Nike swoosh" on the right side of my face extending from the corner of my mouth and sweeping... READ MORE

Still Have Jowls / Double Chin 2 Months Post Op Neck and Face Lift. Will It Improve?

I still have jowls and double chin. Loose skin is better than before. READ MORE

After Brow and Facelift, Is Hair Loss Common (photo)?

My surgery was on June 19th, 2012. More than 8 weeks has passed. My hair did not come out. Some of surgeons I met mentioned my hair loss would be... READ MORE

Decrease of Hearing After Facelift? It's Been Almost 2 Months and my Ears Feel Blocked.

It's bee almost 2 months and my ears still feel like they are blocked up with something. My hears seems to be muffled. I have flush my ears... READ MORE

10 Weeks Post Op Face & Neck Lift, Edema in Jowls, When Will It Dissipate?

I had a face neck lift, now 10 weeks post op, little swelling & bruising after op, feel good & had a great surgeon but have some edema in... READ MORE

Two Months After Surgery and Still Swollen, More So Under Right and Left Sides of Chin? (photo)

Face/neck lift. Although there is still some swelling in front of the ears, the circled areas in the pictures have gotten more swollen and there is... READ MORE

2 months post op, my left eye is swollen underneath on my cheekbone & my neck is still uneven & swollen. Is this normal? (photo)

I had a full face and neck lift and top and bottom of eyes done and a facial layering. After two months the left side of my face is badly scarred and... READ MORE

Numbing and Tingling After Deep Plane Face Lift?

I had a deep plane face lift 9 weeks ago and although I look fine, the amount of numbing and tingling still present really bothers me. The worst areas... READ MORE

Age 53. Bruising 2 Months After Facelift?

I am 53 and had a face lift and neck lift 2 monthsa ago. I am still bruised under my left eye, and have bruiseing and raised on my cheek . What do I do READ MORE

Face Lift 8 Weeks. Is This Lumpiness and Ridge Normal? (photo)

I had neck and facelift 8 weeks ago. Is this lumpiness and ridge normal. I also am still very red on one side. I'm not sure if its still bruising or... READ MORE

Neck/chin Lump 2 Months Post Face-lift? Felt Pop After Sneezing Attack

I'm 2 months post face-lift and have a lump in my chin/neck area that my surgeon 1st said was pooling blood and later said was a salivary gland.... READ MORE

Which laser is the best for hemosiderin staining on face?

I had facelift two months ago, had hematomas, and left with hemosiderin staining. When should treatment be started? And most importantly, which laser... READ MORE

Facial Redness After Facelift?

Although the black & blue bruising is gone 2 months post surgery, the sides of my face where it is still hard and tender seem unusually red, and... READ MORE

Are my Slanty Eyes After Midface Lift Permanent?

Hi, I had a midface lift two months ago and now I look like a cat. I am only 33 but wanted to correct the droopyness on one side of my face caused by... READ MORE

Face Lift & Chin Implant - 8 Weeks Post-op, Keloids & Complications (photos)

Had face lift & chin implant 8 weeks ago, had some compactions (implant needed to be repositioned, developed chin infection after that, have... READ MORE

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