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Hardness on Sides of Face and Neck 10 Days After Facelift?

The sides of my face and neck seem hard 10 days post surgery. Maybe still some swelling? What can I do to help resolve this? I am having my stitches... READ MORE

I Look Deformed Day 11 After Face Lift- Need Reassurance? (photo)

Hi there I still have a lot of swelling post op but I look like I have downs syndrome. My eyes are too far apart and half the size as pre op. I don't... READ MORE

Full Facelift Recovery Results. Healing Well, But Concerned About Results?

I am 53 and am healing from my facelift which was done 10 days ago. I am healing well but am concerned with the results. One side of my mouth seems to... READ MORE

Ropey Firmness from Ear to Adam's Apple 10 Days Following Necklift and Lower Face Lift. Is This Normal? (photo)

I had a lower face and neck lift 10 days ago. My bruising and swelling are resolving fairly well. I am still quite numb, especially around the ears.... READ MORE

Not Feeling Positive - 10 Days on? (photo)

Face, neck and browlift ,upper and lower bleph and lateral canthoplexy 10 days ago Redness in one eye being treated by antibiotics to exclude... READ MORE

When will I feel kinda normal after a facelift?

I has my facelift 11 days ago and still very swallen. Going to Walmart is an ordeal and my eyes are light sensitive. Am I the only one to have such a... READ MORE

Ten Days Post Op Line on One Side After Mini Lift with Platysma Muscle Work? (photo)

One side of my face has developed a line on one side (stretch line, looks like a pull). That side of my face had reduced swelling much more than the... READ MORE

I have cat eye look following a facelift. Are my eyes permanently reduced to this shape and size?

I have a deep plane face lift 11 days ago. I decided not to have a brow lift but agreed to removing excess skin under lower eyes that would bunch from... READ MORE

Dark, suspicious areas of skin following Facelift. Any suggestions? (photos)

11 days post op surgical facelift. (non-smoker) Skin is warm, hard and taught. Doctor appears unconcerned and says that there might be a little... READ MORE

Day 10 post op swelling, numbness has not decreased, incision tension? (Photo)

After 10 days my facelift swelling and numbness has not decreased. My stitches were removed on day 7 and this morning I have a small amount of... READ MORE

Will the Tissue and Muscles Relax After a Short Incision Vertical Facelift and Full Face Fat Transfer and How Long Will It Take?

12 years ago I had a facelift but the doctor liposuctioned my face which left one side of my face smaller. I've wanted to replace the fat that was... READ MORE

I'm 10 days post face & neck lift with continued swelling and signs of infection at incision site. What can I do?

I am 10 days postop neck and facelift- still have lots of facial and neck swelling- not decreasing- i am following the postop protocol - the chin and... READ MORE

My facelift looks,worse then before m6 facelift. What should I do? (photos)

I am 10 days,out from my fscelift. I look terrible. My neck goes from midneck t chin. My neck is,all.lumpy. my eyes,are swollen and look worse... READ MORE

Hematoma after a facelift? (Photo)

I had a facelift a ten days ago. I have been patient wit the bruising but ten days later, these two raised lumps have not diminished. My doctor isnout... READ MORE

Hard swelling or extra skin/muscles following facelift...when will this go down?

I have Hard areas in front of my ears running down in to my neck that my dr told me was extra folds of skin and muscle. I'm only 11 days out from... READ MORE

Why is my vision blurred 10 days post op neck lipo and facelift?

I had a mini facelift and neck lipo 10 days ago and since this my distance vision is the same, but up close it is very blurry. I spoke to the nurse... READ MORE

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