Tightness + Eyelid Surgery

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Will my Eyes Look Normal Again After Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty?

I am 41 years old, and had upper and lower eyelids done 11 days ago. I have visible scars at the sides of my eyes under my eyebrow. I feel like I look... READ MORE

Weird Feeling in Eyelashes?

It's been like 3 weeks and there's like weird feeling in my right eye upper eyelashes ...i don't know how to explain it but it's like... READ MORE

4 Months Post-Op Eyelid Surgery the Scars are Visible and Eyelids Tight, What Can I Do?

I had eyelid surgery but after 4 months the scars are still visible and my eyelids are tight. My eyes feel sore and are often red. What can I do.. READ MORE

How can this bleph surgery be corrected, please? (Photo)

It has now been a full month since my Blep surgery. I have included before and after pictures and seek your professional opinion. My incisions are too... READ MORE

Tight Eyes After Canthopexy

I had dissolvable stiches next to eyes to get an upward shape. Day 16, and they are still there, and my eyes are very tight. Is this normal? I am... READ MORE

Eyelids Feel Bumpy and Tight After Surgery, Will This Change Or Is It Possibly Permanent?

I had eyelid surgery on both my upper and lower lids and co 2 laser under my eyes 14 days a go. I am 48 years old.The upper lid above the incision is... READ MORE

One Eye Lid Feels Swollen and the Scars Really Tight After 8 Weeks Following Upper Eyelid Surgery?

I have a funny feeling in my eyelid which feels like the lid is pressing down on the eyeball, it feels swollen and if you look carefully in a... READ MORE

Slow Healing from Lower Blepharoplasty? (photo)

I had a lower bleph two months ago. I still have swelling, just lower than the original bags. I also have dark circles, again, not under my eyelids... READ MORE

After Blepharoplasty the Skin Around my Eyes Feel Tight

(the lower blepharoplasty surgery was over a year ago)Is there anything that can be done non surgically or are there any products that will help. Also... READ MORE

My Eye Does Not Completely Close and I Now Have Cornea Damage

Two years ago I had upper blepharoplasty & a browlift on the left brow and a week after surgery I knew something was wrong as my left eye was... READ MORE

11 days post op, my eyelids look abnormal, swollen, and tight. Is this normal? (photos)

I had upper bleph 11 days ago. My eyelids are so stretched and swollen. I feel way too much skin was taken out. The right eye is droopier and has a... READ MORE

After Lower Blepharoplasty a Year Ago, Have Tightness, Dry Eyes, Untidy Stitches - Options?

I wanted to try and improve the cosmetic appearance and the scars from the stiches. However, my surgeon has advised that it is too risky for laser or... READ MORE

Tightness Around the Eyes 1 Year After Lower Blepharoplasty

I had lower blephroplasty a year ago and still have tightness around my eyes is this normal and will it go? READ MORE

Skin in the Corner of my Eyes Seems Stretched Too Tight After Upper Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

My laser surgery was just 3 days ago. I have very little bruising or swelling today. However, the skin in the corners of each of my eyes is stretched.... READ MORE

My Lower Bleph Scar is Feeling Tight 4 Months After Surgery?

I had external excisions that have significant tightening sensations over the last month or so, which is also resulting in the lid pulling down away... READ MORE

Is It Normal for the Muscle Between the Eyebrows to Feel Stretched 5 Months After Blepharoplasty?

Is it normal for the muscle/skin between the brows to feel stretched 5 months after blepharoplasty and face-lift? My forehead, brow and eyelids feel... READ MORE

Will the Swelling and Tightness Ever Go After Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

I had upper eyelid surgery 9 days ago. There is significant swelling of the eyelids from the eyelashes to crease, which is a lot more in one eye,... READ MORE

24 Days Post Bleph, and Inner Corner of Eyes Are Swollen and Feel a Pulling Sensation?

Hi I Had Upper  Blepharoplasty 24 Days Ago, my eyes look good except for about 1/4 of the inner corner, they are still quite swollen, and i feel... READ MORE

Pain over a Month After Asian Double Eyelid Surgery (Full-incisional Method, with Permanent Non-dissolvable Fixation Sutures)?

Since the procedure 6 wks ago, I have had tightness/pain in my right eye when even the slightest pressure is applied, like after I wash my face and... READ MORE

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