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4 Months Post-Op Eyelid Surgery the Scars are Visible and Eyelids Tight, What Can I Do?

I had eyelid surgery but after 4 months the scars are still visible and my eyelids are tight. My eyes feel sore and are often red. What can I do.. READ MORE

3 months post op Chalazion surgery, I have drooping, inflamed eyelids. Is there any chance it can get better?

Hi I have had a very big chalazion that took up half off my left eye. I had surgery to remove it. It was gone after two weeks but then I had a... READ MORE

What Can I Do For Discolored Skin on Upper Eyelids 3 Months Post Upper Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

How Long will it take for the skin on upper lids to return to normal color? Im 3 months post op. Is usually very red and sore looking, also purple... READ MORE

Sore Eyes 3 Weeks After Upper and Lower Bleph, Normal?

My eyes are sore 3 weeks after surgery. The scars are fading well and the whites of my eyes appear to have returned to normal but my eyes feel tight... READ MORE

Aftercare For Upper Bleph?

I had upper blep yesterday, please advise me how to take care of my eyes they are sore and swollen and my vision is burry but I think from the... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Still Painful Two Weeks After Getting a Local Anaesthetic for a Skin Tag Removal?

Two weeks after getting a local anaesthetic for a simple skin tag removal on my lower eyelid, the area where the injection went in is still sore and... READ MORE

I Have a Bubbly Scar at the Lower Corner of my Eye Just Below the Crows Feet. Why and What Can Be Done About It?

After eyelid surgery done June 18 ( approx. 5 weeks ago) I have a bubbly scar at the corner of one eye just below the crows feet. This is not even a... READ MORE

5weeks Post Op and my Left Eye Seems More Open Than my Right Eye?

My left eye seems more open and wide than my right eye , I did need more skin removed from this eye and also a pocket of fat was removed, and it still... READ MORE

Chemosis in both eyes after upper & lower blepharoplasty on Oct 23. Having hard time keeping eyes open. Any suggestions? (photo)

Sore ans swelled. Tried to get in to see ps who preformed the surgery. Although I had a lot done am really concerned about my eyes. Nurse took... READ MORE

Post-blepharoplasty Q's: What's Normal?

1. It has been 8 weeks post upper/lower bleph. The incisions are still red but more importantly, my eye sockets are very sore, esp right eye. I need... READ MORE

Day 8 of Ptosis Surgery, Eye Has Swollen Up and Sore Than Couple Days Earlier?

I had Left eye ptosis surgery 7 days back. Since yesterday night, the eye is very swollen and sore, lot more than couple days earlier. The nurse at... READ MORE

Will insurance cover my upper-eyelid blepharoptosis repair? (photos)

I had mild congenital ptosis in my right eye, which was considerably worsened when I was 8 and fell while ice-skating. Recently I believe my ptosis is... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Drooping-would a Revision Make It Worse or Better?

I have had numerous surgeries to fix the lower lid of my right eye and now the scar tissue has built up so much that every time I open my mouth, my... READ MORE

Why are my eyes wet and weeping during sleep 3 months after upper blepharoplasty?

Do i need to be worried about waking up in the night with really wet eyes and sore in the morning, like some one has been poking eye ball ? Is this... READ MORE

7 weeks post op lower and upper eyelid surgery, red bumps and thickening around whole scar. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have thickening of both scars , right eye is very sore with red bumps at the length on whole scar. Left eye red sore bump in the corner. 3 weeks ago... READ MORE

Still having problems post blephroplasty. Is this normal? (Photo)

I am post op 4 weeks ago I had upper and lower and my left eye is very sore a has a droop is this normal READ MORE

What would be the best recommendation for me a brow lift or eyelid surgery? (photos)

My top eyelids are so heavy that I am getting headaches and my eyes are always sore and tired. Now I'm starting to see shadows. READ MORE

Its 10 days after Eyelid surgery, my right eye is sore can I use Savlon ointment? My stitches are still in. (photo)

Iv had upper & lower eye lid surgery abroad and 10 days after my right eye is red sore and a little puss, my nurse advised cool boiled water but I... READ MORE

Dog tags and swelling even after 4 weeks of surgery, is this normal?

Hi. Its been four weeks since I have had blepheroplasty, and I still have swelling of the eyelids, soreness and a pricking sensation. I am mostly... READ MORE

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