Sore Eyes 3 Weeks After Upper and Lower Bleph, Normal?

My eyes are sore 3 weeks after surgery. The scars are fading well and the whites of my eyes appear to have returned to normal but my eyes feel tight and irritated and it feels uncomfortable to open my eyes wide. Also I can still see some protrusion under my eyes; is this just swelling? Also my top eye lashes have started dropping out. Is all this normal 3 weeks post op?

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Sore Eyes 3 Weeks After Upper and Lower Bleph, Normal?

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 Some soreness isn't uncommon after eyelid surgery as the eyes take 3 months to fully heal.  It's best for you to ask this question to the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did your eyelid surgery.  Hope this helps.

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Sensory changes and feeling of tightness are subjective.

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These types of feelings can be all over the map and still be normal.  However sharp pains and eye irritation warrant an assessment by the surgeon.  If the surgeon is not trained in ophthalmology, they lack the technical equipment and training need to properly determine why your eyes are uncomfortable.  A referral to an ophthalmologist can be very appropriate depending on the degree of eye discomfort.

Eyelash loss is not really normal but can happen.  This may simply be root shock and over time the lashes often return.  Talk to your surgeon about getting a prescription for Latisse which is an eyelash stimulant.

Finally let your surgeon know what is going on.  You chose your surgeon because you trusted them.  Let them assess you and see what the basis for your issues are and what if any thing needs to be done.


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