Rubbing + Eyelid Surgery

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Rubbing Eyelid to Fix Botched Blepharoplasty?

6 weeks post blepharoplasty and one upper eyelid is higher than the other. My doctor says he may have removed a "tiny bit too much skin"... READ MORE

Accidentally Rubbing my Double Eyelid After 3months Plus of Surgery?

Hi. I did the non incisional method around three month plus ago and I accidentally rubbed my eyes while I'm asleep and realized it when I'm awake.... READ MORE

Rubbing Eyes After DST Eyelid Surgery?

I got Dst method done 12 days back and I accidentally rub my eyes . What will happen? READ MORE

Non Incisional Eyelid?

Hi I did my dst around 2-3 months ago . What will happened if I accidentally rubbed my eyes during sleep? Pls reply:) thanks so much! READ MORE

I rubbed my eyes and now I suddenly have a hooded lid. Is this going to be like this forever? (Photo)

I am really freaking out about this. I don't have hooded lids. I woke up and I rubbed my eyes and then I felt something strange with my right eyelid... READ MORE

Non-congenital Ptosis (Droopy eyelid, right >> left) Diagnosed as chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia (CPEO). (photos)

Hi Doctors, I'm from India. I've droopy eyelids with right more droopy than left since 1.5 yrs. Its more droopy now. I got my initial test done to... READ MORE

Can rubbing too hard in the middle of an incision site damage internal stitches? I'm 7 weeks post op eyelid surgery.

I had upper bleph revision incisional eyelid surgery and I noticed the following day after rubbing- where there used to be a smooth arch, there are... READ MORE

Is a lower eyelid blepharoplasty right for me? (Photos)

I am terrified to get this procedure but I am only 27 and I look MUCH older because of my bags. I am wondering if I am too young for this procedure,... READ MORE

Discomfort with a permanent suture. Can it be removed?

I had upper/lower blepharoplasty 5 weeks ago. I end up with different size eyes. My PS pull the one lower eyelid too much up doesn't look natural.... READ MORE

I had eyelid surgery upper and lower 7 weeks ago. (photo)

I had eyelid surgury upper & lower 7 weeks ago & my lower seems to be ok but i been really slow healing my left eye seem To be drooping is... READ MORE

Reverse double eyelid surgery?

I had the suture method done for double eyelid surgery six months ago, I hated the results and had the sutures removed (my doctor told me it would... READ MORE

7 months after double eyelid surgery, Rubbed the corner of my eyes in my sleep, what are the signs of a loose suture?

When i woke up I felt like my eyes looked slightly different from the previous day but not by a significant amount, and I had this weird sensation on... READ MORE

Droopy eyelid from dry skin and rubbing? (photos)

I started rubbing my eyelids over the winter and now I've noticed that my right eyelid is lower than my left and is also wrinkled in the inner corner.... READ MORE

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