Local Anesthesia + Eyelid Surgery

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Is It Uncomfortable to Have Upper Eyelid Surgery with Just Local Pain Medication?

I will be taking one hydrocodone/apap 7.5/500mg tablet and one diazepam 10 mg 1/2 hour prior to the surgery and given a local numbing injection. Do... READ MORE

Upper Lid Blepharoplasty: Is Local Anesthesia with Oral Sedation Effective for a Positive Outcome, Safety and Comfort?

I will be only using the money insurance will give me for the upper eyelid surgery mainly involving skin removal. I prefer to keep the fat and muscle... READ MORE

Had Upper Blepharoplasty 2 Days Back. Is my Healing Normal? (photo)

I underwent upper Blepharoplasty 2 days back. It was done under local anesthesia. At the time of surgery I could smell something burning hence I... READ MORE

Upper Blepharoplasty: 3 Questions About Eye Protectors/Shields During the Operation

1) Do eye protectors have to be used during the upper blepharoplasty operation? (mainly skin will be removed/paid by insurance) 2) If so, will they be... READ MORE

35 days post op upper eyelid surgery, eyelid swelling like sausage. operation considered failure? Do I need a revision? (photo)

I had my upper eyelid surgery doe 35 days ago, my right eyelid remains swelling like sausage, pinkish, itchy below eye brow I observed there is not... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Still Painful Two Weeks After Getting a Local Anaesthetic for a Skin Tag Removal?

Two weeks after getting a local anaesthetic for a simple skin tag removal on my lower eyelid, the area where the injection went in is still sore and... READ MORE

Doctor didn't wait 5-10 mins for lidocaine injection to work? Blepharoplasty?

My doctor didn't wait 5-10 minutes for the local anesthesia (lidocaine) to fully numb my fat pad before performing excision. Due to my extremely... READ MORE

Looking for Doctor who Offers Under Eye Surgery (Blepharoplasty) w/o General Anesthesia?

Hi, I'm in the Los Angeles area and I am looking for a surgeon who specializes in lower blepharoplasty, who is willing to do the procedure without... READ MORE

Upper Lower Bleph/now Have Scleral Show & Asymmetry Uppers? (photo)

Had upper/lower bleph 3/5/12. Since swelling subsided, I have white under my irises (scleral show?), noticible scars & left upper lid still... READ MORE

Do facelift or eye lift patients sedated only with oral medication and local anesthetic EVER feel pain during the surgery?

Are patients who are sedated As Described Above unable to feel any PAIN during the procedure and what if, after chosing this method of anesthesia, the... READ MORE

How safe is blepharoplasty?

I am looking into getting upper blepharoplasty for my right eye (local anaesthesia) because the eyelid is fairly droopy and I want them to match. I am... READ MORE

What Are the Side Effects of Local Anesthesia During Blepharoplasty?

Will the injections be painful? Will the eyelids be swollen and puffy with the volume of anesthesia in them? If so, how can the surgeon still see... READ MORE

Will I Jump with a Local Anthesthetic While Getting an Upper Eye Bleph?

I really want to get one one and my dr said he will do it just with local freezing, which is much safer than being put under and initally happy to... READ MORE

I Want to Get my Eyes Done?

I wont go through with it if i have to be put to sleep or given drugs, can it be done with a local and how do i go about finding the right Surgeon to... READ MORE

Revision Blepharoplasty/canthoplasty with Only Local Anesthesia?

My initial upper/lower bleph was not successful. The doctor would like to revise it, but wants to use only local anesthesia and perform this in his... READ MORE

I Am Having an Upper/lower Bleph, No Health Issues. Will I Be Comfortable Enough with Just Po Benzo and Local? I Am Nervous

I Am Having an Upper/lower Bleph, No Health Issues. Will I Be Comfortable Enough with Just Po Benzo and Local? I Am Nervous :( READ MORE

Local Anesthesia Question Rephrased?

I posed a question, but perhaps I wasn't clear. I'll rephrase: I understand that a lower blepharoplasty performed under LA provides better results... READ MORE

Pain Under Upper Eyelid Surgery?

Hi. I'm having my upper eyelids done next week by a very skilled plastic surgeon. It will be under local anaesthetics with oral medication too. I will... READ MORE

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