Lash Line + Eyelid Surgery

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Can a Lower Eye Lift Work on Deep Creases Close to the Lash Line?

I've always had a set of two deep set creases under both my eyes. They're so bad they can be seen from a few feet away. I also can't wear... READ MORE

Waterline Turned Upward Correction and is Non-incisional Eye Surgery a Second Time Risky?

I had non-incisional eyelid surgery 5 years ago (age 20). A week or two after the surgery, when it was swollen, I iced my eyelids, and open them wide... READ MORE

What do you think that little bump/lump is on my eyelid? (Photo)

I have this little flesh color lump/bump on my eyelid close to my lash line. It's been there for the last two years but i have no idea what it is. It... READ MORE

2 weeks out of surgery. Eyelid is extremely high and unnatural. Left crease is 9mm from lash line, right is around 8mm (Photo)

Significant swelling has subsided, I know my eyes will still deswell more with time, but I'm really worried about the unnaturally high crease. Makes... READ MORE

After the swelling will the lid change and come down and not show the lash line? (Photo)

I just went under blepharoplasty sugary 10 days ago and my healing process has been going on really well with still some swelling mostly on my left... READ MORE

Left lower lid has nodule in outer corner, and bruising below lash line. Not responding to medications. Need advice. (photos)

I had upper and lower lid surgery on May 13th. My left lower lid did not heal well. OS gave me an injection last week which lessened the nodule,... READ MORE

Lower lash line pulling away 2 months post-op blepharoplasty

7 1/2 weeks ago I had a lower blepharoplasty procedure. my inner lower lash line pulls away from my eye ball, mostly when I'm looking up wards. my... READ MORE

What is involved in the lower blepharoplasty when incisions are much lower than lash line? (photo)

Ps made the incisions lower that was the only way to reduce the bags under my eyes as they were quite severe,I am day11 and still very swollen with... READ MORE

Eye twitching after blepharoplasty. One eyes still has numbness. Any suggestions?

This is a follow-up to my previous question. I forgot to mention that the eye having the twitching still has numbness along the lash line. The other... READ MORE

28, fem. What's the best treatment for my type of under eyes to erase lines and have smooth transition to my lash line? (Photo)

I'm a 28 yr old female with good skin (use spf 50 every day etc.) I had Fraxel re:pair 1.5 yrs ago but it didn't effect my under eyes much at all. My... READ MORE

Were my stitches made too below my lash lines? Will laser make the scar almost invisible? Does it look good? Tape advice?(Photo)

I got this blasphoplasty on Wednesday at 7 am in Ecuador(I'm 17) . My sergeon told me not to touch anything near my eyes at all. He said he will use... READ MORE

2 weeks post op and my crease is still not forming. (photos)

Its been 2 weeks now and I can't help but notice that the crease of my right eyelid is not very prominent. Instead i have a crease near my lashline... READ MORE

Lower bleph - which is a better option - having fat removed from inside lid or removed from under eyelash line?

I have read of two different ways to remove the fat pads from under the eye, one goes from inside the lid the other externally. what is the difference... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: When performing a transconjunctival lower lid bleph, are the incision lines ever placed under the lash line?

When performing a transconjunctival lower lid bleph, are the incision lines ever placed under the lash line or is that only when performing the... READ MORE

What kind of procedure should I be looking for if I just want a TEENY lift to enhance my crease? (photos)

I love my Asian eye shape and am only looking to lift my eyelids a tiny bit to have more room between my crease and lash line. And by tiny, I mean... READ MORE

To massage or not to massage flap after skin cancer reconstructive eyelid surgery? (Photos)

Surgery 1 month ago. Asymmetry present in lower eyelid shape. Surgeon suggests could be due to eyelid swelling just below lashes weighing it down as... READ MORE

Is it possible to make my full left upper eyelid smaller without making my lash line (waterline) going up?

My left eyelid has more fat\skin than the right one which makes it look bigger and causes asymmetry. I am considering removing some fat\skin from my... READ MORE

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