Keloid Scar + Eyelid Surgery

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Scarring After Upper Eye Lid Surgery

I had upper and lower eye lid surgery 3 weeks ago and I can see a scar forming in both upper eye lids, area close to the tear duct,and a bit along the... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery OK if Prone to Keloids?

I have the problem of congenital ptosis. My doctor has advised for a plastic surgery. I also have the problem of keloid. So i want to know whether... READ MORE

Risk of Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty for Keloid Prone Skin?

Hi, I have "keloid prone skin" and I was wondering what would happen if I get the incisonal upper eyelid blepharoplasty??? I have one uneven... READ MORE

Risk of Lower Lid Scarring/Keloiding (African American)

I'm African American, do I have to worry about the lower lid scarring/keloiding. I'm considering lower lid blepharplasty. READ MORE

Do I have a keloid in lower blapheroplasty? (Photo)

I had upper and lower eyelid surgery two months ago, slow recovery. i never before had complications with scarring. small area around it still black..... READ MORE

Can you remove a chalazion on the lower eyelid, right next to the tear duct if you have keloids/ hypertrophic scars?

I'm really worried because I have a chalazion on my lower eyelid near the tear duct, basically on the waterline of the eye, and if I have to have... READ MORE

My nose has been bleeding ever since I had upper and lower eyelid surgery 4 weeks ago. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had upper and lower eyelid surgery four weeks ago. It has been bleeding through post nasal dripping since day one. The amount is not significant but... READ MORE

Bruising after a Lower Blepharoplasty?

I had lower blepharoplasty in October. The procedure went well and so far I am very pleased. I still have some bruising and I faithfully using warm... READ MORE

Will I get keloid scarring from the blepharoplasty surgery, if I do have keloid scarring?

I am interested in blepharoplasty surgery, however, I get keloid scarring. I had breast implant surgery and have horrible keloid scars and when I get... READ MORE

Cortisone injection or laser for treatment of scars after upper blepharoplasty??

Hi, I have keloid scars at the outer corners of eyes after a upper blepharoplasty. They are very visible. What is the safest & most affective way to... READ MORE

Keloid scar formed after upper blepharoplasty. What's my best option? (Photo)

I did an upper blepharoplasty slightly more than one month ago (Surgery dated 19/5/2015) keloid like scars seems to form at the inner eyelid. I've... READ MORE

18 days after eyelid surger, formed ulcer under eye. Is this a keloid? (photo)

This photo is today, 18 days after eyelid surgery and cheek augmentation explant and implant with facelift. The eyelid scars and bruising is terrible,... READ MORE

What should I do? (photos)

Did my double eyelid on 20/04/15. I went back to remove the stitch 4 day after the surgery. The wound open, the doctor advisor me not to lid up let it... READ MORE

Lower blepharoplasty: keloids 2 months post op. Advice please. (photo)

Hello Doctors. I had upper and lower bleph 2 months ago. The uppers are fabulous so no questions there. The lowers, however, have been troublesome and... READ MORE

My eyelid is drooping because of a keloid scar. Botox doesn't help. What are my options?

I have Keloid problem and my eye lid are dropping the botox thing is not working that well plus is not last what can I do please help? Ingrid READ MORE

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