Headache + Eyelid Surgery

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Horrible Headache After Having Upper Eye Lift, Facelift and Necklift 2 Weeks Ago, Normal?

I am happy with the result but I have a killer headache. It almost feels like congestion across my forehead. Is this normal? READ MORE

My Eyes Hurt After Lower Bleph and Have Headaches. Will This Go Away?

My eyes and area around them ache also. i've had to take some left over pain meds to help. i'm just about 7 wks post op from lower bleph. my... READ MORE

My left eye is lower than right. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

I want eye symmetry. I don't want to forget about it. It drives me crazy, and makes me feel worse everyday. It also can give me headaches as I feel... READ MORE

What Could the Lump on my Eyelid Be?

I had a terrible headache last night and woke up this morning and my right eye was swollen My right eye was not only swollen when I felt my eye lid... READ MORE

What Can Cause Nausea, Headache, droopy Eyelid to Right Side, strange Sensations in Right Hand and Extreme Tiredness?

I have been suffering now for 2 years and progressively getting worse. I have had 2 CT scans as I had lymphodenopathy to the neck area. Mainly right... READ MORE

How Much Does a Typical Eyelid Ptosis Procedure Cost in Miami?

I've recently acquired a slight droop on my right eye lid. The lid feels heavy when I'm tired and requires me to raise my eyebrow. Every now and then... READ MORE

Feeling of Great Tightness Nearly 4 Weeks After Surgery, How Long Until It Loosens?

Hi, I had upper eyelid surgery nearly 4 weeks ago. One eye, which didn't shut completely after surgery, shut two weeks after, but I still have a... READ MORE

I'm very self-conscious about my eyes. Am I a good candidate for Blepharoplasty? (photos)

I'm very self-conscious about my eyes, I was bullied at school and my confidence is still lacking, I feel I look like a slob who cannot be bothered.... READ MORE

I had lower lid surgery 6 wks. ago, Why am I not healed? What can I do? (photo)

I listened to instruction. Ice, head elevation, antibiotics both oral and topical and rest. The doctor gave me a topical lotion last week to help heal... READ MORE

Will insurance cover my upper-eyelid blepharoptosis repair? (photos)

I had mild congenital ptosis in my right eye, which was considerably worsened when I was 8 and fell while ice-skating. Recently I believe my ptosis is... READ MORE

Will Eyelid Surgery Treat My Migraines? (photo)

According to a recent study out of LSU that claimed that eyelid surgery might be a treatment for migraines. The results sound encouraging ("After a... READ MORE

Any advice for eyelid surgery scars still itching and tight 4 months PO?

I had upper eye lid surgery about 4 months ago,since then the scars on my eyes are constantly itching, the brows hurt, especially at the corners, and... READ MORE

Ptosis or Exta Skin?

I have always had drooping in my left eyelid (present in pictures from when i was a child). However, up until it never really gave me trouble other... READ MORE

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty in January. I am still suffering from severe dry eyes and am incapacitated. What happened?

I put in eye ointment every hour or I have severe headaches and get keratitis. I use a tube a day. I've had permanent plugs put in my tear ducts. I am... READ MORE

I have one droopy eyelid. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

It's my right one it's always been a little lower than the other but now it's very prominent. My dad has droopy eyelids so I though maybe it was... READ MORE

Uneven eyebrow causing eye shape to be inconsistent, what are my options & will this progressively get worse? (photos)

My entire life I've had uneven eyebrows, the one that is lower has a bigger droop over my eyelid as well. Creating, a major inconsistency. This has... READ MORE

Hooded Eyes at 30! Lasers, Botox, Lift, or...? (photos)

My eyes have been Hooded all my life, but my vision is starting to 'see' my lashes and headaches are happening. When I raise up my brow, my eyes are... READ MORE

What would be the best recommendation for me a brow lift or eyelid surgery? (photos)

My top eyelids are so heavy that I am getting headaches and my eyes are always sore and tired. Now I'm starting to see shadows. READ MORE

Graves Eye Disease returning in my right eye! Any suggestions?

Thyroidectomy several years ago=Hyperthyroid with Graves Eye Disease. Had orbital eye surgery and removal of ethmoid sinus's to correct the Graves in... READ MORE

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