Failure + Eyelid Surgery

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35 days post op upper eyelid surgery, eyelid swelling like sausage. operation considered failure? Do I need a revision? (photo)

I had my upper eyelid surgery doe 35 days ago, my right eyelid remains swelling like sausage, pinkish, itchy below eye brow I observed there is not... READ MORE

Hard Palate Grafts and Watery Eyes, What's Wrong?

Post a failed MFL I have bilateral lower HPG. The one in my R eye is in a different spot to the left due to initial failure to elevate lid. My left... READ MORE

How Soon Can an Unsuccessful Ptosis Repair Be Redone?

Had ptosis repair of both eyelids along with blepharoplasty of lower lids 4 weeks ago. Upper right lid is still droopy and swelling is gone. My... READ MORE

Did my Mullerectomy fail? What results should I see by now?

I got a Mullerectomy one week ago, and I feel like it failed. My right lid is about 2-3mm lower than my left and I have not seen any type of... READ MORE

Prolapsed lacrimal gland repair. Is this a failed surgery? (Photo)

This photo is 6 weeks post op. I'm concerned that the lacrimal gland was not actually repositioned as intended. It was supposed to be sutured behind... READ MORE

Does Ptosis Repair ever fail?

I got my surgery done about 6 days ago and my eyes look different to me and they are still bruised pretty bad. I was just wondering has it ever failed... READ MORE

Failed Eyelid + Orbital Surgries. Need Advice. Any suggestions? (photos)

Facial trauma resulting in lower eyelid loss medialhalf and ZMC fracture along with orbit floor.Floor was not fixed but plate fixed on outer rim of... READ MORE

Failed mullerectomy? No improvements. (photos)

I had a mullerectomy on my left eye about three weeks ago for congenital potsis and I don't see any improvements. Will just have accept the asymmetry... READ MORE

Lower blepharoplasty sugary failure. Any suggestions? (photos)

I was operated by Dr. Chen a Chinese ?Dr. After half years, my friends didn't see any size reduce from my eye bags and a big scar saw at end under my... READ MORE

Do I need a third revision? What needs to be fixed? Should I look for a new surgeon? (photos)

I had my blepharoplasty and ptosis correction in February 2016 and a revision done August 2016. My eye lid height was okay and then it dropped again... READ MORE

Is this a failed double eyelid surgery? (Photos)

I had done double eyelid surgery a week ago.i want medium crease the doctor said ok seeing his previous result i dont doubt anything.but after the... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid retraction repair as a result of aggressive bleph. DR says I need 2.5 -3 mm lift. Can it be done w/o mid face lift?

Can using posterior enduragen spacer graft to get 2-3mm vertical lift be sufficient w/o a mid face lift? This would be a revision on an aggressive... READ MORE

Did this ptosis eyelid surgery (13 days ago) fail or am I swollen? Will I see lifting in coming weeks or months? (Photos)

Do I need immediate revision or do I wait it out? 13 days ago I had mueller inside lid ptosis surgery on both eyes. Doctor did the drop test in the... READ MORE

Multiple Ptosis failed?

I have gone through 4 times of ptosis and eyelid revision and still the results is very poor. The doctor said that ptosis involves lifting the eyelid... READ MORE

What is the best and worst scenario for an eyelid plastic surgery? (photos)

When I was 8,i had an eyelid ptosis surgery on my left eye. I've been told that I need a plastic surgery when I reach 18. Now I am 22 and still... READ MORE

Excess skin after ptosis repair? 2 weeks post-op. (photo)

I had a ptosis on my left eye 2 weeks ago. The swelling and the redness are mostly gone now, but my eyelids don't look the same. There seems to be... READ MORE

Has my Ptotis failed for the second time? Crease hasn't formed on the second incision line.

I had Aponeurotic ptosis surgery in October and there was a very slight improvement but the eyelid crease was too high so 2 months later i had surgery... READ MORE

My right lower eyelid droops and feels weak? (Photos)

My right lower eyelid feels weak and droops. When I touch it there is very little resistance. I use eye drops alot and pull the eyelid down to get... READ MORE

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