Dehiscence + Eyelid Surgery

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Upper Blepharoplasty 7 Days. Sutures Started to Be Removed. Wound Dehiscence. Will It Be Ok? (photo)

Started to have my MD husband remove my sutures today (7 days post op)..he stopped when he discovered this bit of dehiscence. I will go back to... READ MORE

My dissolvable sutures are GONE after 2 days. Will my wound dehiss? I had bilateral Blephroplasty.

Blephroplasty TWO DAYS AGO, 3/4ths of sutures have dissolved!! Scared that my wounds will dehiss... Should I have Dermabond to hold them together as a... READ MORE

30 days post op upper blepharoplasty- incisional dehiscence? (Photo)

It has been 30 days since upper blepharoplasty surgery & 2nd time that my incision has opened. After 2 weeks- re-sutured and now its continuing to... READ MORE

How successful is repairing levator dehiscence during blepharoplasty?

I'm 27 with asymmetric eyelids. I've gotten conflicting information about them. On the one hand I'm told I could have a structured blepharoplasty,... READ MORE

Going on 5 weeks from Upper Blepharoplasty and I am so concerned about my incisional healing and continual dehiscence? (Photo)

5 weeks post upper blepharoplasty- 2nd time around with incision not sealing & dehiscing. Surgeon once again sutured opening in office and I am so... READ MORE

7 days post-op upper bleph incision dehiscence shortly after Steri-Strips removal (Photo)

7 days post-op after Steri-Strips removal (ABSORBABLE sutures) I immediately discovered ~3/8" incision dehisence. Prior to this, recovery was easy and... READ MORE

Can you give me advice on healing of upper blepharoplasty incision after several times of incision dehiscing? (Photo)

2 mos post upper blepharoplasty-need advice in healing after several openings of incision despite diligent care-wore eye patch at night to protect... READ MORE

How common is white line levator dehiscence? Including locating the elevator, mobilizing orbital fat, and anchor blepharoplasty.

One good surgeon has seen my eyes and told me that I have a complicated type of ptosis called a white line levator dehiscence. He suggested a surgery... READ MORE

What physically happens when there is dehiscence of the lateral canthus (aka "fishmouthing syndrome")?

I had a transcutaneous quad bleph procedure over 2 years ago resulting in numerous complications. After conducting a great deal of research on my own,... READ MORE

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