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Any Creams for Raised Blepharoplasty Scars?

Is there a cream for raised scar from blepharoplasty over 2 years ago? I didn't think Mederma could be used around eyes. My eyelids are also still... READ MORE

Upper Eyelids Are Drooping - What are my Options?

I am 25 years old and I was born with that puppy look, like people call. But now, I can't handle it because I feel that my sight is tired and my... READ MORE

Eyelid Skin Moisturiser After Surgery?

Can lacri-lube be used on the eyelid skin itself (temporarily) to help moisturize the area post eyelid surgery (6 weeks)? The area is dry and I have... READ MORE

Best Eye Cream to Prevent Eyelid Scarring After Ocular Plastic Surgery?

Hello, a few days ago I had an unfortunate incident occur when my cat accidentally scratched my eyelid. :( I got 9 stitches from an ocular plastic... READ MORE

I had upper and lower Eyelid surgery 4 weeks ago. What ointment or cream can I use to help heal my scars?

Swelling has finally gone down. But without makeup my lids n scars r real red n sore I am using tobradex ointment n drops. Finished antibiotics oral... READ MORE

what is the best cream/ointment to use after Upper Eyelid Surgery?

I had this procedure on 1st May and all is well so far, but I have itching and dry skin around the scar area. My surgeon says leave it alone, but I'd... READ MORE

What is the best cream for the scars?

I had upper eye lid surgery, what are the different creams to help with the scar? READ MORE

Up bleph scars - Should I use a silicon based scar cream or one without silicone?

Okay to mix, silicone for day, non for night? I am considering using two creams for my scars bioCorneum for day because it has silicon and SPF and... READ MORE

Has been 3 weeks post op eyelid surgery. Should I massage them, apply scar cream/moisturizer, or just leave them alone?

It has been 3 weeks post opt eye lid surgery. My scars are very red and swollen. They look like small worms on my eye lids. Should I massage them,... READ MORE

What Eye Cream Could Be Useful?

I do not want to go with surgery for terating my under-eye circles. What eye cream could be useful for me? is READ MORE

Massage or not on scars after upper bleph surgery?

Some say to massage the scars, others not? When should one massage a scar? Can you massage in bio Corneium scar gel? How do you message, circular,... READ MORE

Any creams/serums (prescription or over counter) that help thicken thin under eye skin? (Photo)

After posting about my under eye purple discoloration, I have been told it is the muscle being seen through the very thin skin of the lower eyelid.... READ MORE

How Soon After Upper and Lower Bleph Can I Use Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream?

Had upper and lower eye bleph 3 weeks ago (results are great so far). How soon can I start using Obagi Elastiderm eye cream? READ MORE

Droopy and Sensitive Eyelids From Using Creams. Suggestions?

I have cottage cheesy eyelids in the inner corners from using an eye cream that made them swell. I have tried all kinds of creams. I have very... READ MORE

I get eczema on my eyelids. I also have an allergy to steroid creams and/or drops. Is eyelid surgery too risky for me? (photo)

I have had seasonal allergies all my life, which is probably one of the reasons my eyes are so droopy and baggy. Since I turned 40 I get constant... READ MORE

Upper bleph - How long should one use silicone cream on the scar? Is there a point where there is no benefit to using it?

2 mo. post op - I have really bad incisions that extend above the crow feet area past the brow. I am using bioCorneum day and night. How long should I... READ MORE

A lot of eye problems, blinking, lazy eye, dark circles, what procedures or remedies could fix them? (Photo)

So i have a lot of eye problems caused by years of sleepless nights or very little sleep and also bad contact use, used one on one eye for awhile,... READ MORE

I am 36 people comment all the time how tired I look. What are my options? (Photo)

Here are a few photos with and without makeup. I look very tired around the eyes. Is this something a cream, restylane or surgical intervention could... READ MORE

Any Cream to Healing Stitch? (photo)

After a tear duct repair surgey the doctor forget to cut one of the stitch after three weeks theydid cut the last stitch so my suture changed to red... READ MORE

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