Burning + Eyelid Surgery

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Itchy, Burning Eyes 2 Months After Blepharoplasty

I had upper/lower bleph done 10 weeks ago today. I had some dry eye issues in the beginning which got better for awhile. I went to an opthamologist... READ MORE

12 Days Post Eyelid Surgery: Left Eyelid Feels Like It's Scratching Eyeball - Is This Normal?

Post-op, my left side had more swelling and bruising than the right. The vision in my left eye is a little blurry, and it's still a little dry. My... READ MORE

Upper Eye Lid Blepharoplasty 1 week ago - Right eye swollen, burning and itchy

I week ago today, I had an upper eyelid blepharoplasty . My sutures came out yesterday and my right eye seems to be more bothersome to me. It is... READ MORE

How Can Pain be Relieved AFter Lower Blepharplasty?

I have pain on one side of my face recently after Lower Blepharoplasty 5 Wks. ago.  The pain is a 3-4 at times and the area about 1/2 in. below... READ MORE

My eye feels swollen since I feel like I somehow injured the underlying tissue. Did I ruin the work of my surgeon? (photos)

Approx 8 weeks or so after inner corner bleph revision my scar got worse. I did something to it and after the incident a burning / stabbing sensation... READ MORE

Upper Cosm Bleph - 14 post op. I have a weird fold on one eye. Is it due to a poor incision? Is this normal? (photo)

Will it go away? My doctor created a lateral incision that extends to my brown and not to the preferred crow's foot area. I am wondering if this has... READ MORE

Eye Balls Itching After Surgery?

Staight away after upper lid surgary I felt scratching and burning of the eye ball and tear ducts,is this normal,is it dry eye as my eyes are watering... READ MORE

Why did I feel surgical pain during my transconjuctival eye surgery while under conscious sedation?

My friend and I just had transconjuctival blepharplasty with a lateral pinch from the same plastic surgeon . We had what is called conscious sedation.... READ MORE

Lower Conjunctival Bleph & C02. Why do I stil lhave wrinkles and stinging under my eyes?

Several months have past and I still have HORRID wrinkles that I did not have prior to the C02. Also periodically I feel a slight burning sensation... READ MORE

Is it normal not to be able to cry after upper eye lid surgery?

I had upper eye lid surgery 9 months ago, ever since, I can not produce tears when I cry. I get a burning sensation when I cry, sneeze, etc but no... READ MORE

I have noticed that my left eye is notably bigger than my right eye. (photos)

My left eye has been dry and I have a burning sensation for the past few months. Chronic condition. I have seen two ophthalmologist and they tell me... READ MORE

What is causing the fat pockets above my eyes? (photos)

I've had extreme problems with my eyes since childhood these are my symptoms: Grainy sensation in eyes Teary eyes Debris at upper eyelash root that I... READ MORE

What type of doctor do I see for this, what could be the source (thyroid) and what procedure would solve it? (photo)

I have always had these fat pockets above both eyes but now they're getting bigger. I have other problems with my eyes as well: burning, pressure... READ MORE

Enophthalmos? (Photos)

I have had dry and burning sensation in my left eye for several years now. I have complained about this to several optometrists who tell me to use eye... READ MORE

Chronic swollen, red, puffy eyes: A cosmetic concern or a bigger issue? (photo)

I've had red and veiny eyelids my whole life, but attributed it to the fact I'm fair skinned. However, within the last several years, my eyes have... READ MORE

Redness and burning after lower blepharoplasty. Allergic reaction? (Photo)

Sunburn-like look and pain & at times sharp pain at incision line and sides more than 2 months since Flares at times. Surgeon tried - Oral... READ MORE

Intense Burning after Lower eyelid blepharoplasty

Its been 7 days since I had my surgery and there was some bleeding from left eye that started on 5th day, but the doctor said that it happens... READ MORE

Improper size of eyelids, tired eyes, burning eyes (Photo)

My eyelids are not symmetrical, i mean they have unequal shapes,Also i feel sleepy all the time,My eyes are always tired no matter how much i take... READ MORE

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