Antibiotic + Eyelid Surgery

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Blepharitis and Very Dry Eyes After Upper Eyelid Surgery-Thank You!

I was diagnosed by 3 opthamologists of having blepharitis and very dry eyes after my upper eyelid surgery. I had the operation about 2.5 months ago. I... READ MORE

2 weeks post op upper & lower Eyelid Surgery, bunching in corner of both eyes & bumps in outer corners. Is this normal? (photos)

I am 2 weeks post op and have 'bunching' in the corner of both eyes. I only noticed this a few days ago and can actually feel the 'pulling'. When I... READ MORE

When chalazion require surgery? Please help. (photos)

My daughter 14 years old start to have a stye Aug. 3 after a couple days it was almost gone .On August 11 start again on both eyes. The doctor give... READ MORE

Can you tell me if this is a reaction to a stitch or an infection? (photo)

8 weeks ago I had upper eyelid Bleph surgery. Everything healed fine and then I felt a small hard nodule that stung a little to touch. I could feel it... READ MORE

Why would I still have bags under my eyes after having a lower blepharoplasty?

I am 53 years and in 2009 I had a lower blepharoplasty. I wonder why I still have bags under my eyes even after having this surgery. I do have... READ MORE

Upper/Lower Bleph 11 days post op: can I get rid of this inner skin fold & lump around the scar of my lower left eyelid? (photo)

My ps is out of town & I have no one to ask... I'm panicking because it gives the eyes an asymetrical look. Will massage or steroid injections help... READ MORE

Follow up to four days post op upper and lower blepharoplasty. I had concerns regarding lower eyelid drooping. (photos)

I had my first follow up today with the ps. He suggests no more antibiotic ointment for incisions and placed tape bands for the lower eye droopiness.... READ MORE

6 weeks post op upper blepharoplasty, my incision continues dehiscing despite re-suturing for third time. Any suggestion?(photo)

I have appt. with my oculoplastic surgeon again tomorrow for suture removal (3rd time) I am a nervous wreck because incision once again will not close... READ MORE

Post-Blepharoplasty abscess/cyst/infection/pus? (Photos)

It has been about 3 weeks post-op and I developed these cysts above my crease.. The doctor used dissolvable stitches and occasionally, pressing down... READ MORE

Upper & lower. Scared of infection lower lid outside corner. Looks white and discharge 2 days. Steroid antibiotic drops (Photo)

Is this part of healing or is this getting infected? Goo greenish sticky. Lid skin very white odd looking. READ MORE

4 Years Old Had Eyelid Surgery 2 Weeks Ago. His Eyes Turned Back to Red and Swollen Today?

He was on antibiotic medicine for 7 days after the surgery. Tuesday was the last day for anitibiotic. His eyes looked perfectly on Tuesday and... READ MORE

My sister is getting an upper Bleph and doctor says Antibiotics are not necessary. Any suggestions?

This is concerning. Every time I have had any plastic surgery, I was always provided Antibiotics. Is a no- antibiotics surgery safe? READ MORE

Is there any harm in using antibiotic ointment for the eyes long term after surgery?

Weeks after canthopexy my eyes feel irritated. The canthopexy was performed to improve upon lower eyelid laxity and a space between the eyeball and... READ MORE

I have had a mild case of chemosis since quad bleph surgery several months ago. Unchanging for about 5 months; what should I do?

Besides quad bleph, I also had a second procedure about three months ago from same surgeon to help correct lower lid malposition after the original... READ MORE

Developed lumps under both eyes resulting from blepharoplasty & my surgeon is not sure what they are or how to treat? (Photo)

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty done 6 weeks ago. About 2 weeks ago a lump began forming under my left eye followed by a lump forming under my... READ MORE

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty surgery 8 days ago and my left eye got infected. Any suggestions? (photos)

I was out on an antibiotic two days ago but it's still very swollen and red, I noticed on my lower lid there is a little spot that looks like it could... READ MORE

Long haul flight after blepharoplasty?

Thinking of flying to US about five weeks after blepharoplasty and left ptosis repair. Any concerns with doing this? Began oral antibiotics on day 6... READ MORE

Do I need another operation? (photos)

I have resolving hematoma in left lower eyelid and left lower extraconal space showing internal fixation. Two and half years ago, I went for left... READ MORE

I had eyelid surgery upper and lower 7 weeks ago. (photo)

I had eyelid surgury upper & lower 7 weeks ago & my lower seems to be ok but i been really slow healing my left eye seem To be drooping is... READ MORE

Mycobacterium Chelonae after lower blethoplasty with lateral canthoplexy, fat injections and laser. What do you think? (photo)

On August 4, 2015 I had the above surgery. Post op I developed a mycobacteria Chelonae on the left side of my eye. After removal of two cysts and... READ MORE

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