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Which is More Effective, Exilis or the New Thermage?

I have read a lot of doctor's opinions here on Ulthera being better than Thermage, but what about Exilis vs Thermage for tightening of the face (not... READ MORE

How Much Does Exilis Cost for Face, Neck, or Both at the Same Time?

How much does exilis cost for face, neck, or both at the same time? Also, if i have it done, and return to work, will people be able to notice... READ MORE

How Long Do Exilis Treatments Last?

How long will a round (4) of Exilis treatments last when done on your full face? READ MORE

Protocol for Exilis Face?

I had an initial treatment of Exilis for skin tightening in the cheeks and jowls, brow and around the mouth. The technician administered the hand... READ MORE

I Wanted to Get Exilis Skin Tightening on the Face and Neck but Couldn't Because of Titanium Screws in Lower Jaw, What Instead?

Was this correct and what could be the interaction between exilis and the metal. Also, what can I do instead? READ MORE

Is Facial Exilis Safe for Patients with Dental Crowns and Metal Fillings?

I am interested in Exilis for the jawline and neck area - skin tightening, not fat reduction, as I am very thin. Would Exilis be appropriate for... READ MORE

Exilis--what is the Lowest Setting in Numbers for This to Still Be Effective (For Face and Body)?

What is the lowest setting (numbers) the tech can use for my exilis treatment on my arms for fat reduction/tightening and still be effective? On my... READ MORE

Can I Have Exilis for Face Tightening if I Have Braces On?

Can I have Exilis for face tightening if I have braces on? READ MORE

Can Exilis skin tightening of the face be used in conjunction with protractional and micro laser resurfacing?

I am scheduled for a dual pro fractional and MCL peel, but am intrigued by the Exilis benefits as well. My primary facial concern is sun damage/acne... READ MORE

Will Exilis on face cause fat reduction that is not desired?

Will Exilis on face cause fat reduction that is not desired? I only want tightening, but no fat reduction. also can it be done following fillers on... READ MORE

Can the Exilis device for the body be used on the face? Yes, facial fullness is youthful but mine makes me look fat.

I am 40 years old and I really dont have wrinkles. I would like to have a more defined jawline and cheekbones. READ MORE

Will Exilis Elite effect Malar Festoons (atop cheeks) adversely?

I am 54 & am having my 2nd treatment of Exilis Elite for face & neck tightening. I also have Malar Festoons (not to be confused with 'under... READ MORE

Too frequent Exilis maintenance treatments recommended by doctor?

Hello, I am just finishing my 4th Exilis facial procedure and when I asked what time I should schedule a maintenance treatment, I was told that I have... READ MORE

Will Elixis effect plaque in neck arteries for face and neck treatment?

I have some build up in neck arteries and take an ace inhibitor READ MORE

Can Exilis for the body be used for fat reduction and skin tightening of the face?

Some doctors state that Exilis mini machine used for the face only does skin tightening. I am a 22 year old, 5'5" and 135 lbs fit female and though... READ MORE

Why get exillis done on your face?

I had one excillis treatment on my face and now my face looks thin and my cheeks are hollow. It was very apparent in a picture I recently took. The... READ MORE

How soon can I have my next treatment of Exilis Non-Invasive System? (PROTEGE ELITE)

I would like to know what would be the closest timeframe between appointments when treated by the Exilis, Protege Elite on the face and on the body?... READ MORE

Just Had my First Exilis Under Arms and on Face. Face Was Painful, but Tolerable?

However the arms were UNBEARABLE. I am worried b/c I have a HIGH threshold for pain and have minded bruising or even blisters, so long as temporary. I... READ MORE

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