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EndyMed 3Deep is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive treatment used to reduce wrinkles, tighten skin, treat cellulite, and contour the body. Radiofrequency energy is sent to multiple layers of the skin simultaneously, which stimulates the body’s natural collagen. This energy is delivered through a variety of handpieces which are customized for different applications and treatment areas. The treatment is painless and requires zero downtime.

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radiofrequency nightmarish United Kingdom, GB

I intend to write a more extensive review ay a later date. For now I am only two months in. I have experienced fat loss to the temples,side of face,cheeks and jaw line. The clinic denies this and has become hostile to my concerns. I dread the coming months. I am deeply concerned and traumatised... READ MORE

Wonderful - Sao Paulo, BR

I was pretty worried about EDYMED 3 DEEP after reading these reviews. I even thought about giving up the treatement. But in my worth the money and I did have great results. I didn't finish yet but I pretty satisfied, I use to have a saggy neck (really ugly) but now after 3 treatments almost all... READ MORE

Radio Frequency Treatment Ruined my Life!!!! Elmhurst, NY

Hopeless08 December 21, 2014 I had 2 radio frequency treatments done with a machine called Endymed 3 deep.I had them done one week apart from each other over my buttocks hips and thighs and lost all the fat I had. So much fat loss that it looks deformed. I have dents on buttocks, uneven... READ MORE

EndyMed -Skin Tightening - Bala Cynwyd, PA

After tons of research I decided to get skin tightening at Dr. Pollards office in Bala Cynwyd Pa. The reason I chose EndyMed is because Dr. Pollard found that one of the positive side effects was the reduced appearance of stretch marks. I just had my first treatment today. Overall it did burn at... READ MORE

LOVE My Results. Intensif Works!

Open pores, acne scars, freckles, melasma, jowls just beginning to form. Turning 40 suddenly gave me a face I didn't want to look at in the mirror. One session of Endymed later, I'm so thrilled with my smoother clearer skin. My face looks tighter too. I can't wait to do my next session. Signed... READ MORE


I have had this treatment done (well, I terminated it after about 2 minutes) but put "Planning" as I do not want to identify the clinic, as it is the procedure that I am discussing. The clinic is reputable, very good, and gave me this treatment free of charge and did nothing wrong, and so I do... READ MORE

Help with Skin Tightening on Stomach After Vaser Lipo - Fayetteville, NC

I had my vaser lipo performed in November so to make sure my skin would retract and tighten Dr Mendes wanted to perform the endymed. I'm glad she did because it has helped a lot with my stomach .My lower abdomen is tighter and smoother. I love to get the procedure done . It's painless and I ... READ MORE

Great for Tightening and Firming. Feeling Smaller - Gainesville, FL

The procedure did what I was told it would do by my technician. It took 6-8 sessions, very comfortable, with just a little heat. Worst part was when the hand piece got a little too hot, still the overall experience was a piece of cake. Gradual results were produced and definitely visible... READ MORE

3deep As Alternative to Ultherapy - Saint Petersburg, FL

I am allergic to most pain medications so my Dr told me I wouldn't be able to stand ultherapy. She suggested 3 deep but it takes several applications. I am thrilled. My neck and how's are much tighter. There is little aim. It feels like a hot stone massage. The tech is well trained. If they are... READ MORE

Did Nothing and Very Painful. New York City, NY

I have thin arms but some fatty bumps in them. Wanted to smooth them not remove fat. The procedure was about 45 mins per arm and it was like someone was putting an iron to my skin. They gave me something to take off the edge but that didn't do any good. They said I'd see results in 3 months.... READ MORE

46 Years Old, Mother of 2,lots of Large Pores and Sagging Skin

I was hesitant about having needles put into my skin, but I knew that I had to do something. They gave me a numbing cream and that helped. I did still feel the procedure, but it was similar to a brow waxing. when i left, i had some redness and minimal swelling, but it went away in about 2... READ MORE

Did on Upper Arms - New York, NY

I have thin arms but some slack skin due to illness I lost lots of muscle tone. I have some muscles again now but skin is slack so wanted to see if it would lift it a bit. They said yes. Did nothing for me. Was horribly painful for 2 hours. It's almost a year later now. They said in 3 months I'd... READ MORE

EndyMed 3Deep - Amazing RF Skin Tightening Treatments - Henderson, NV

Due to a large weight loss, and age, my skin needed a boost to loose some of the sagginess. Megan Merritt at VIP Surgery at Dr. Khorsandi's office, has provided the EndyMed 3Deep treatments and I have had amazing results. My skin on my arms is tighter and my upper tummy has become firmer after... READ MORE

I Had Deep Acne and Chicken Pox Scarring. I've Done Hundreds of Micros and 3 TCA Peels. Las Vegas, NV

I highly recommend EndyMed treatments for anyone with skin issues. I am finishing my last treatment on my 2nd tip and about to start a 3rd. This new technology is safe for all skin types and safe all the way around. Stay away from micro needling and conventional lasers as there are potential... READ MORE

Endymed PRO 3Deep Not Worth It! London, GB

2 years ago, in my mid-thirties, I began researching skin tightening treatments as my face was beginning to show signs of sag. I'd had pleasant, yet temporary lifting results from gentle salon radiofrequency treatments and wanted to try something longer-lasting. I was intrigued by Endymed PRO... READ MORE

Stay Away from EndyMed! London, GB

I was advised to have non-surgical treatment on my lower eyelids prior to having blepharoplasty and was attracted to this form of radio frequency resurfacing by the promises of the clinic's aesthetic doctor that it would renew my skin cells from within. It is totally ineffective. My only... READ MORE

Thermae is Adding New Density To My Skin - Calgary, AB

Aging is a journey and a challenge in the dry climate of Calgary. I am so thankful for finding Thermae Center for Advanced Aesthetics. Services, such as Botox and Juvederm, have maintained the structure of my face but the newest technology called Endy Med and Redensity is actually building new... READ MORE

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