Scar Tissue + Ear Surgery

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After An Otoplasty, How Long Does it Generally Take for Scar Tissue to Settle?

After an Otoplasty, How Long Will It in General Take for Scar Tissue to Settle, Making the Removal of Permanent Sutures Useless? Had otoplasty 5... READ MORE

Post-Op Otoplasty, Should I Use Vaseline on the Wound to Avoid Scarring?

Hello there, 7 days ago I had otoplasty surgery - both "pinning" and lobal reduction. Of course a small scab (line) has formed on the bottom... READ MORE

Is There Anyway to Dissolve the Excess Cartilage Inside an Already Hardened Cauliflower Ear Without Surgery?

Hi, I am 35 year old male and have an already hardened cauliflower ear which I've had since 1999 because I did not get it drained at the time, Is... READ MORE

Revision Otoplasty? (photo)

Had otoplasty a few years ago now, my right ear got messed up, had a couple of revisions to improve the situation but still nowhere near happy, i know... READ MORE

Otoplasty: permanent non absorbable sutures can't tolerate the sutures. How to locate them? When? Who can remove them? (Photo)

I had Otoplasty 4 months ago (nonabsorbable sutures / No cartilage removal) technique My ears are about the same as before & I can feel the knots, I... READ MORE

Third otoplasty revision. (photo)

I had a terrible result with an otoplasty 2 years ago where my ears were overcorrected and since then have undergone two revisions the last one being... READ MORE

Otoplasty: If permanent Non Absorbable sutures become useless after 6 months then it would be possible to remove them in stages?

I had otoplasty 41/2 months ago and i can feel the rubbing under the skin of some sutures while other ones are hidden in scar tissue creating a bump... READ MORE

5 months post otoplasty, I have a bump of scar tissue and there is a permanent suture knot below. How to remove the knot?

I had otoplasty 5 months ago. No cartilage removal permanent suture only. some of the knots are palpable (dark blue knot under skin) & also i got some... READ MORE

Scar tissue (otoplasty )

I have a cyst under the skin (back of the ear) made of white scar tissue . I'm pretty sure is covering a permanent suture knot. The cyst bothers me... READ MORE

Question about minor cauliflower ear surgery

How difficult would it be to perform an otoplasty on minor cauliflower ear to remove the scar tissue? Will the ear get softer after surgery and is it... READ MORE

Can I get an industrial piercing after getting an ear otoplasty operation? (Photo)

I'm scared that once I get my operation , I won't be able to get the industrial peircing because of scar tissue or something? READ MORE

What's the best treatment for ear trauma?

Hello, around 8 months ago I sustained ear trauma in which I had a small hematoma. I noticed that during the healing process and portion of my anti... READ MORE

2 months after Otoplasty. Ear canal feels full. What it can be?

I had Otoplasty 2 months ago (9 weeks exactly) I had suture technique only. I'm experience changes on my ears. At first ear canal felt ok, then around... READ MORE

Is it possible to repair the cartilage in my ear after trauma? (photos)

I had some trauma to my ear which caused a fracture / bump near the triangle of the ear and also an indention on the side of the helix. I also have... READ MORE

How difficult is it to lift the skin on the front ear and separate it from the outer cartilage? (Photos)

Is it more difficult than from the back side because there is less scar tissue? See image READ MORE

Permanent otoplasty sutures removed.

I recently had two premanat otoplasty sutures removed due to them becoming irritated from time to time. I had the otoplasty procedure done two years... READ MORE

Is it possible to stretch my ears again after having them surgically closed?

I had my ears stretched up to 3/4ths of an inch when I blew out my ears and had them surgically closed. I have a little build up of scar tissue on my... READ MORE

Can the displaced cartilage on the helical rim be softened to fix my helical rim? (Photo)

The helical rim has a little dent because the cartilage was displaced slightly and pulls the scar tissue on the rim inward. Can a small procedure be... READ MORE

Doctors in Arizona experienced with Dr.Merk's stitch method otoplasty?

I am considering otoplasty and would prefer it to be as minimally invasive and leave as little scar tissue as possible. I looked at Dr.Merk's stitch... READ MORE

Why does old scar tissue flare up - ears pinned back 12 years ago.

When I was 12 (I'm 24 now) I had my ears pinned back, every so often the tops of behind my ears start to turn red raw and burn and itch, usually after... READ MORE

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