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How Long to Wear Headband After an Otoplasty That Involved Cartilage Excision?

I had cartilage excised from both of my ears and had the ears attached with permanent sutures to the head. My surgeon said that I should wear the... READ MORE

Very swollen ears after otoplasty, how long do they take to look somewhat normal?

I went to the doctor today to have my bandage changed, 5 days after surgery, and my ears were very swollen. Doctor said everything looked normal, no... READ MORE

Otoplasty Bandages Question?

My doctor only does the procedures on fridays, and removes bandages on the following tuesday(4days after procedure) then puts light bandages for... READ MORE

Had Otoplasty Done 5 Days Ago And when Bandages Came off Terrible Results! Help Please,Im Scared! (photo)

Ok so ive wanted an otopplasy since as long as i can remeber and i had it done 5 days ago and when the dotor took of the bandages. I nearly freaked... READ MORE

Too Tight First Bandage: Problem with the Anthelix? (photo)

4 days ago I've had otoplasty. I was instructed to wear two tennis headbands for three days (holding the ear bandages on their place) Looks like the... READ MORE

Suture Only Otoplasty Post-Op Head-Band Use (1st Week; Now at Day 7 Post-op)

After having dressings removed (24hrs post-op) I felt the middle portions were over-corrected. Worried would stay like this I left the head-band off... READ MORE

Was my Otoplasty Done Correctly? (photo)

I had otoplasty on both ears 3 weeks ago. My PS told me my ears would be a lot closer to my head and held my ears back to demonstrate the expected... READ MORE

Serious pain after the removing pressure bandage? (photo)

After 6 days of the otoplasty, pressure bandage was removed but left side ear was more swelled. After 2 day i was feeling serious pain, i visited to... READ MORE

Otoplasty, I Didn't Wear Bandages, is That Normal?

I did otoplasty 1.5 months ago in China and doctor didn't put any bandages on me, even when I asked about it, she said there is no need. My ears look... READ MORE

Bleeding after otoplasty. Is this normal?

I had otoplasty over 60 hours ago. Around 6 hours post op I felt blood trickle down my neck from my right ear from under my bandage, I wiper it for a... READ MORE

Do I need revision otoplasty? (photos)

I got Otoplasty 3 weeks ago and i'm not happy with the results. When I removed the bandages I was v happy. There was a nice shape to both ears and... READ MORE

Is there any chance my ears will get better? (Photo)

I had an incisionless otoplasty today and when I took the bandage off to peek I was pretty disappointed -- I look almost exactly the same as before.... READ MORE

13 days after otoplasty, and my ears have returned to original position. What are my options?

My bandages were removed 3 days ago and my ears looked perfect, but i was left with glue on my ears and was told to wait until it comes off by itself.... READ MORE

Wear head bandage after Otoplasty for 3 weeks, 24/7?

Had a consult for ear pinning today, doctor told me that the bandage must be worn on the head for 3 weeks straight? he said 2 weeks at the minimum.... READ MORE

Too much swelling and bleeding 1st day post-op? (otoplasty)

Hello, I am slightly over 24 hours post-op for an otoplasty. Thankfully, there is not much pain, but I woke up to find much of my pillow covered in... READ MORE

I had my ears pinned back yesterday and had no sleep last night, due to me trying to sleep on my back. Can I sleep on my side?

Is it possible to sleep on my side even though I have a huge bandage around my head? Will if not affect my results or cause any problems if I try and... READ MORE

Why did my dr put gauze in my ears after otoplasty?

I had otoplasty 2 days ago, today i removed the bandage but there are still gauzes that are fixed in my ear he told me he will remove them after 6... READ MORE

Question on Bandages for Otoplasty?

I am having otoplasty next week for my lop ears.My doctor informed that both cartilage scoring and some conchal excision will be employed. Dissolvable... READ MORE

What is the indication and contraindication for eye and ear badage?

What is the indication and cantra indication for eye and ear badage READ MORE

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