10 Years Post-op + Ear Surgery

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Is It Possible To Fix An Overcorrected Otoplasty Surgery From 16 Years Ago?

When i was about 7 i did otoplasty on my ears so they did not stick out! The problem is that they are now completely into my head, very flat and a... READ MORE

Can Over-corrected Ear Pinning Be Improved by Implanting Something Behind Ear?

I had otoplasty about 10 years ago and one is almost flush with my head. I would like to have this corrected without operating on the cartilage.... READ MORE

Can Ear Pinning Have Long Lasting Results?

Hello! I had othoplasty done about 10 years ago under local anesthesia. The results last as long as the pain.. about six months and then the ears... READ MORE

Will removing protruding stitches 10 years after Otoplasty change ear shape?

Hi, I had an Otoplasty done over 10 years ago, but the stitches have always been prominent or visible. They're not coming through the skin but just... READ MORE

I had an otoplasty 10 years ago. Would be possible to have my ears pulled out even a couple centimeters without risks? (Photo)

I am now 21. Disappointed with the work that was done. . Both of my ears are completely pulled back & touching my head, the whole concha of the back... READ MORE

Removing 'Bow Stringed' sutures after 10 years?

Hi, I had an Otoplasty done over 10 years ago but there has always been some of the permanent sutures bow stringing across the back of both of my ears... READ MORE

Worries 11 years after Otoplasty. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had an Otoplasty 11 years ago on one of my ears (the other has always been fine). Ocassionally it gets painful and I cant lie on it. Just in general... READ MORE

I had an ear correction 10 years ago, with one correction after. Is there anything that can be done?

It has never been right, especially the left ear, the top bends over and looks different to the right side. It is a deep regret I ever had it done as... READ MORE

Can I get revision done on my otoplasty? (Photo)

I had otoplasty done about 10 years ago and I've never really been happy with the result. I'm selfconsious about them, they look unnatural. I feel... READ MORE

Suture removed 11 years after ear pinning.

My ears protruded, so my parents had them fixed when I was 7. For the past few years, I've had an infection every now and then behind my ear due to... READ MORE

Is it possible that an ear can revert back to its previous shape 10 years after an otoplasty? (Photo)

I had otoplasty surgery about 10 years ago. Over the last year that ear had been very tender. It is starting to feel like ear is reverting back to its... READ MORE

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