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Are the Dysport Side Effecs Reversibles? (photo)

In January 27th 2012 I had Dysport, on glabellas area, on crow’s feet and in marionette’s line. Three weeks later I woke up in the morning... READ MORE

Bad Dysport Reaction: Very Painful to Swallow, Impaired Speech, Head Pain. How Long Does Last? No Help from Doc.

Had small injection Dysport corners mouth. loved it initially. 2 weeks later: hard to swallow, swollen, sore, unable to form words, spit, eat, sore... READ MORE

Can I and should I ice dysport swollen areas on forehead?

I'm taking Bromelain and also arnica sublingual tablets... My question is !!! Should I and can I apply ice to the two black and blue little balls that... READ MORE

How do I get rid of this? what should I do to speed up the recovery time? (Photo)

I had disport (botox) done for the 3rd time on the same spot.next morning I woke up with swollen eyes.It got worse 48 hours later.doctor suggested I... READ MORE

Am I having an allergic reaction to dysport? is it going to get worse? (photos)

I had dysport injected for crows feet for the first time yesterday. by last night I looked red and swollen around the eyes. this morning isn't any... READ MORE

I had an allergic reaction to restylane. My eyelids are swollen and am having trouble swallowing. Is dysport the same drug?

I had 30units of dysport in between my brows. 1month later had 60unit added my forehead n brows. A week later the pa recommend restylane. Had 1/2 of... READ MORE

Lumpy red swollen sore bumps from Dysport (photo)

I was given 45units of dysport on my forehead.1st time visiting this place.I have had dysport for 3 years and never a problem.this time was so painful... READ MORE

I got Dysport injection today for crows feet. 36 units total. I have an area that looks like a swollen vein. Should I worry?

I got dysport injection today for crows feet. 36 units total.I got an area that looks like a swollen vein. I was concerned so I lft a message for the... READ MORE

I got Dysport on Wednesday and today noticed my right cheek is a lot more swollen than my left cheek.

I'm super scared my face is messed up this was just supposed to be for crows feet and forehead. Doctor hasn't got back to me yet is there anything i... READ MORE

Is the swelling normal?

I am sure this question has been asked but I am new to this. I never really had the courage to get things done but I got dysport around eyes and it... READ MORE

Was injected with Dysport 2 weeks ago. Immediately got very itchy eyes and began to swell.

It's now been 2 weeks and my eyes are still extremely itchy and very swollen with some matting in the mornings. I've been on steroids and steroid eye... READ MORE

After Dysport I've started swelling inside my mouth?

Hi i got dysport before 8 days around my lips by the smoking lins however after 5 day it start to swalen insid my mouth around the lips and it also... READ MORE

First time with dysport. Any suggestions?

On the side of my left eye (corner only) it feels dry and its like that feeling I rubbed it way too hard, but I didn't. Almost dry with a slight... READ MORE

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