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How Many Units of Dysport Should I Be Given?

The 1st time I had Dysport I had 140 units in total, 50u to my frown, 30u to each eye & 30u to my forehead, she mixed with 2.5mls but this time I... READ MORE

Dysport Headache - How Long Will It Last?

I had Dysport in my forehead and around my eyes 5 days ago. I have felt terrible ever since. I feel really really weak in my head and have a constant... READ MORE

Can Dysport's Effect Be Reversed or Reduced Any Way?

I had Dysport injections done for crow's feet, I think 3 units on either side. It has given me slightly puffy eyes when my face is at rest and big... READ MORE

Unusual Dysport Problem with Vertical Lines Above Eyes? (photo)

My doctor uses Dysport between my brows, crows feet and also my forehead. For the last eight months I have noticed unusual vertical lines above and... READ MORE

Eye Lid Completely Close After Dysport? (photo)

I used Botox successfully for the past 7 years. I went to a new "TOP" Plastic Surgeon a little closer to me (Missoula Montana) He and his daughter... READ MORE

Is It Normal That Eyes Feel and Look Swollen One Week After the Dysport Injection?

I went to the doctors last week (8 days today) and and my eyes are swollen and feel very heavy and I feel tired, is it normal? and will it go away?... READ MORE

Positive Experiences Dysport?

Hi, After reading horror stories from people on this forum (side effects), I admit I feel scared to try Dysport! It was recommended to me after a... READ MORE

Eye floaters - is Dysport the cause?

Got day over Dysport injections yesterday over eyebrows and on crows feets. Woke up with very redirritated eyes this morning. I have had existing... READ MORE

Can hooded eyes from Dysport be corrected naturally? (photos)

I am a 30f had Dysport 9/15/15 and now my eyes seems to droop and look hooded somehow? This is so uncomfortable it feels like lightening bolts and... READ MORE

Could I have a possible allergy to dysport?

2 weeks ago was my second time receiving dysport injections to Frontalis. Within an hour my eyes and face started to swell and itch. I didn't think... READ MORE

How do I get rid of this? what should I do to speed up the recovery time? (Photo)

I had disport (botox) done for the 3rd time on the same spot.next morning I woke up with swollen eyes.It got worse 48 hours later.doctor suggested I... READ MORE

Pain and burning behind the eye after glabella Dysport and surgiderm filler. What's wrong?

2 months ago I had 7,5 units of dysport injected in my glabella and 7 days after surgiderm 30xp filler for my 11's. In about a week, my upper eyelids... READ MORE

Eyes are awful after Dysport. Will they return to normal? (Photo)

Please tell me my eyes will return to normal. This is horrendous. READ MORE

I just had dysport injected between my eyes, and it is swollen. Will it go away soon?

I just had Dysport injected between my eyes (today) I feel a lot of heaviness, more heaviness on my right eye. It is swollen and right eye also is... READ MORE

Can Dysport cause a sinus infection behind the eye?

I had eyelid ptosos after having Dysport. It has since resolved, but I have had what I thought was migraine headaches behind that eye. My doctor... READ MORE

Possible to achieve this exotic, wide-eyed result via dysport brow lift from very plain hooded eyes? Cost?

My question is regarding a dysport brow lift. I'm enclosing a photo of a certain celebrity female who has clearly had the procedure (as confirmed by... READ MORE

Dysport - eyes look horrific.

I had 60 units dysport to lateral eyes, crows feet, and just inferior to lateral eyes bilaterally almost 4 eels ago, and my eyes look horrific. Dark... READ MORE

Given Dysport on forehead/near eyes then CO2 laser. Lips seem fine. I can't make my usual wide smile. Can't bring my mouth up.

Dysport and laser treatment given four week ago. Injections were above/below/between eyebrows. My forehead is very tight and smooth. My eyes appear... READ MORE

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