Swelling + Dental Implants

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How Much Swelling Should I Expect with a Bone Graft Done for Dental Implants?

How Much Swelling Should I Expect with a Bone Graft Done for Dental Implants? Is the swelling noticeable to others? READ MORE

Is my dental implant infected or is it normal ? 1 week post surgery. (photos)

I placed my implants a week ago and am not experiencing any side effects just the swelling but it's gone by now but am concerned my stitches are... READ MORE

Does my implant need to be removed?

I had a implant placed 2 months ago by a very skilled periodontist that he didn't even have me on antibiotics after the surgery.now I felt some pain... READ MORE

What could cause Insatiable pain and swelling 10 days after implant surgery?

Implants Replaced two molars on bottom right side.First two days after surgery-swelling but minimal pain.On 3rd day- insatiable pain that has remained... READ MORE

Bone Loss and Immediate Implants?

A piece of my tooth broke off 4 months ago and I experienced no pain so i assumed I will be ok. But last week ago, I experienced pain in my tooth and... READ MORE

I have alot of pain with extraction and bone grafting why?

I had a front/side upper tooth removed and the area prepared for implant with bone preservation. I have 5 stitches. I've had a lot of swelling and... READ MORE

How can I convince my dentist to have his lab make me a new temporary flipper?His office staff are doubtful as it is temporary .

Yesterday had 4 implants with bone graft to support new upper bridge.have flipper while healing.Following day after swelling subsided, note aesthetic... READ MORE

Swelling after apicoectomy?

I had apicoectomy for 5 and root canals for my 6 front teeth. It took almost a week for the swelling to go away. But I can feel there is little... READ MORE

Placement of healing caps on implants on day 16 post op, is this a good idea?

Post Op, 15 days. Day 9 experienced, interior swelling in salvary glands (under tongue), two outside lesions on face unresponsive to antibiotics. Feel... READ MORE

What could be causing my three year old implants to feel "uncomfortable"? (photos)

They are two implants on my front teeth (right and central and lateral incisor). The uncomfortable feeling has been happening for a week now. It... READ MORE

Is swelling of the jaw normal after the initial drilling and replacing the first screw in the jaw bone normal

I had the initial work done 2 days ago. I have been taking antibiotics and rinsing with Hexiloc . I have had slight pain which has been controlled by... READ MORE

How long will pain and swelling last after 9 simultaneous full length dental implants in upper jaw?

I already have 7 impants, but I have never had more than two done simultaneously. Usually, implants are not a big deal for me, but having 9 done at... READ MORE

I have my own custom made dentures. Am trying to find a price range for the titanium screw implants?

I am only 53 yrs old and live in Mount Airy, NC. I lost all my teeth due to a pin left in after a root canal at age 27. 5 yrs later I awoke with my... READ MORE

Is swelling normal around area where implant device placed?

I just had surgery around 10 days ago and had no pain or bleeding after. Is this swelling normal? READ MORE

Extreme pain 5 weeks after oral surgery, bone sticking out. Pain! Please help. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had five teeth in far back taken out approx 5 weeks ago. Let me say the black in the socket must be a shadow or something. It looks very clen. A... READ MORE

Is my dental implant failing - why would my implant fail twice?

In November I had an implant placed, two weeks later my gum swelled up and I rejected the implant placement. Last week we tried the procedure again,... READ MORE

Should I have my tooth extracted or is there another option?

In '04 i was hit in face damaged teeth #7 thru#12. All successfully crowned. In 2010 #9 abcessed had root canal. Since, all affected teeth have... READ MORE

Had a tooth extraction 2 weeks ago with bone graft and implant. Left side second molar from the back. Swelling not going away

I have had swelling in the gum cheek area all this time and wonder why it hasn't gone down. Could this be a hematoma? I saw my periodontist after one... READ MORE

Dental Implants -- inflammation/ swelling around the implant site.

It has been 11 days since I got my implant surgery. The surgeon said he removed cyst from the area and placed some at the implant site, after drilling... READ MORE

Can screw retained crowns be fitted on the upper front teeth in singles? Is it normal for the gums to bleed and swell? (Photo)

I have four single screw retained crowns fitted on four implant at the upper front of my mouth, but I'm not happy how they look, In 3 days after... READ MORE

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