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When Can I Wear my Essix Retainer After Bone Graft/dental Implant Placement?

My dentist advised against wearing my flipper for a week after bone graft/dental implant surgery. When can I wear my essix retainer? Can I have one... READ MORE

How Much Bone is Needed to Place a Dental Implant?

I have a fixed retainer behind my lower 6 front teeth. Some bone loss has occured under the retainer. I don't believe that I have had any more... READ MORE

When Should You Use an Essix Retainer for Missing Teeth?

I had lost two molars, one on each side, years ago and my dentist at the time put a spacer in. Ten years later it breaks. My new dentist try to... READ MORE

What is the minimum amount of space in mm needed for implants?

I am 23 and have had braces twice to make space for implants on either side of my two front teeth. I now wear a retainer with two pontics. My dentist... READ MORE

Retainers or Braces for Opening Space Before Implant? (photo)

I have a front tooth missing and I wanted to know if its possible to open up the space with retainers instead of the usual braces.. The current space... READ MORE

Smile Appearance or Implant - Which to Fix?

When I was a teen I had braces. When my braces came off I needed a root canal and an implant on the teeth where the bands were. I continued to wear my... READ MORE

Room for a Dental Implant?

My 17 year old son was congenitally missing a top tooth (the one right next to the front tooth). With braces a nice space was created. The braces are... READ MORE

Is the Retainer Given to Replace Missing Teeth During the Dental Implant Process Comfortable to Wear?

Is the Retainer Given to Replace Missing Teeth During the Dental Implant Process Comfortable to Wear? READ MORE

Implant Pain Caused by Retainer, Is Something Wrong with the Implant?

I had my first surgery for my implant a little over a week ago. I have a retainer from my orthodontist with a tooth on it to use until I get my... READ MORE

Should I get teeth implants instead of braces?

I'm 24 I've been told I need braces because of my open bite. I feel like I'm too old for braces and I really don't want to spend the rest of my life... READ MORE

Would dental implants or closing the gaps be recommended? What would be the treatment if I chose to use implants?

I am 17. I lost both first molars on the bottom about 2 years ago. Both first molars were not replaced by adult teeth. I have worn a retainer to keep... READ MORE

How will an orthodontist create 'root space' for dental implant?

After making an appointment for dental implants, I was recently told that there wasn't enough space for a dental implant. Now i am being referred back... READ MORE

What glue for temporary repair of Essie retainer?

Have an Essex retainer with number 9 crown glued in waiting for graft to heal. The crown came loose and I have no choice but to re glue it due to... READ MORE

Will my teeth implants keep my teeth in place?

I currently have braces and I am supposed to have implants for the teeth that are right next to my front teeth. With all the work I have had on my... READ MORE

I just got my retainers with a fake tooth 3 days ago. How long should I wait to get an implant?

So, I've always had a missing incisor, which messed up with the alignment of my upper teeth and so my other incisor didn't fully grow because of the... READ MORE

What is the range of cost for an essix retainer?

I have a flipper for my implants (two, upper left, #11 and 12) but it cut into the gum. DDS put in posts today, recommended an essix retainer or using... READ MORE

Should I get the retainer before or after the implant?

Ι've had invisalign treatment about 3 years ago and have been wearing my retainer every night since. Last week I lost my retainer but I'm having a ... READ MORE

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