Abscess + Dental Implants

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Root Canal Gone Bad After 11 Years; Implant?

Had a root canal 11 years ago. It developed an abscess a month ago. Was shuttled off to a root canal surgeon for a re-do. Root canal surgeon said "oh... READ MORE

Do I Need to Wait to Extract Tooth Before Implant?

I had a crown a root canal and crown placed on #14. I have had complications due to an abscess caused by an unsuccessful root canal. I was told by two... READ MORE

I Have Just Had an Implant Removed Due to Abscess and Subsequent Bone Loss. Its Left a Huge Cavity?

I have just had an implant removed due to abscess and subsequent bone loss -its left a huge cavity which is very deep-it keeps getting infected as its... READ MORE

Dental Implant Cost for an Abscessed Tooth?

In the past year & a half, I had a long term filling fall out in my right back tooth (indicated as 30). At first, I had no pain. But lately, I've... READ MORE

Apico or Implant for a Top Front Tooth with a Failed Abcess? I Can't Go Toothless!

My Endo said that not only does he want to do an apico on my top front tooth, but he said that doing the apico will disrupt bloodflow to the... READ MORE

Can an abscess above a bridge NOT cause any pain? How can you have an abscess without pain? (photo)

I've had a bridge for 10 years. It's the Upper eye tooth and the one back from the eye tooth. At my last cleaning my dentist said I had an abscess in... READ MORE

Dental implant 16 days ago. Infection / abscess discovered today. Likelihood of bone penetrative or removal of implant? (Photo)

I had a dental implant 16 days ago. I also have braces, which were used to create implant space. 3 days ago I had the stitches removed and the wires... READ MORE

Can this tooth be saved. Number 7 had previous root canal and now abscess may have cracked root?

Two years ago had root canal and now abscess, not sure if pero abscess or root problem, is there a way to tell, my dentist is not sure. Is there a... READ MORE

I have a huge what I believe to be a abscess above one of the teeth that had the root canal done. (photos)

I had a root canal done on my two front teeth about 26 years ago when I was 8. I am 34 now. I have had temporary crowns and posts that have all fallen... READ MORE

I have pain after year of dental implant. Is this normal?

Year ago i extract my tooth due to abscess then after 3 month i replace it with implant whoever now after one year have been past i am start feeling... READ MORE

Having an abscess for 3rd time, is it wise to removal and simultaneously have bone grafting and dental implant?

Having an abscess for third time on exact same spot and twice before surgically removed, is it wise to remove the third time and simultaneously have... READ MORE

My Periodontist Did Not Want to Rebuild the Molar's Bony Buccal Wall. Why?

Had a gum abscess. He did flap surgery and at that time decided to remove the tooth. It was solid in place. Maybe an extraction trauma occured and the... READ MORE

Should I Go to a Surgeon Right Away or Just my DMD to Start the Implant Process?

After two root canals and the crowning process (the last ten years ago), I recently developed an abscess on the same tooth (second tooth from the back... READ MORE

Can I save my teeth? (photo)

Had an abscess and they told me that I have periodonthal disease and should remove all my teeth and replace with implants! Would treating the gums and... READ MORE

Abscess after dental implant? 2 weeks post-op. (photo)

Have an abcess at the site of an implant that was placed 2 weeks ago. i took antibiotics after the procedure but now have this. it bursts but then... READ MORE

Abscessed second molar (#30) from failed root canal. Try to save or go for implant?

I'm 24. Tooth #30 is crowned & suffers chronic abscess (~5 years) from root canal failure. I don't want to live with a dangerous infection but I'm... READ MORE

Dental implant/adjacent teeth. Any suggestions? (photos)

Around 2 months after my dental implant surgery I started having some pain on the adjacent teeth # 6 and # 8. The implant was on tooth # 7. The pain... READ MORE

Will Apicoectomy be successful if root canal treatment is not possible? (photos)

I have an abscess on tooth #30, few dentists have tried root canal treatment but all have failed - they say my tooth's root canals are not accessible.... READ MORE

What should I do?

I am 27 hears old I went dentist when 17 with an abscess so he put hole in left it drained it etc. Then went back for filling and his tool broke off... READ MORE

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