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Is It Possible to Have a Dental Implant Crown Replaced for a Larger, Wider Crown to Give Me a More Even Smile? (photo)

I was wondering if its possible 2 have my implant crown replaced for a larger size 2 create a even smile? Granted, the implant was done over 14 years... READ MORE

Two Months After Crown Lengthening--uneven Gum Line? (photo)

Hi, My 2 front teeth are dead, and I've had veneers for 12 years. One of them came off and could not be put back on. My new dentist thought that we... READ MORE

Can Exiting Crowns Be Sculpted, then Polished?

I had new poreclin crowns done for my front teeth 3 months ago, but 2 of those crowns look bulky from the sides is there a way to sculpt the front... READ MORE

One Tooth is Smaller Than the Rest.. Can It Be Fixed?

One tooth is smaller and has had crown lengthening and three gum contours on same tooth at different times. I'm not sure if periodontist was just... READ MORE

One Front Filing is Longer Than the Other Tooth?(With Braces)

In the past as a kid I chipped my front right tooth, so only approximately 3/4 of my original tooth is still there. Now at 17 years old I got braces... READ MORE

I Put on Crown Just Because I Had Uneven Teeth but It Didnt Work at All They Look Same, What Can I Do?

I Put on Crown Just Because I Had Uneven Teeth but It Didnt Work at All They Look Same, what can I do? READ MORE

What should I do about my uneven, chipped, small and narrow teeth? (photos)

Recently (6 months) I got my braces off. I was very happy with how they straightened my teeth but I didn't realize how small and stubby my teeth are.... READ MORE

One of my crowns is higher than the others. Can it be filed down? (Photo)

Hi! I just had crowns done for 6 of my bottom teeth. They were severly overlapped and crowded. I'm happy with the result except for the fact that one... READ MORE

What can I do about my porcelain crowns being uneven? (Photo)

I just got 8 Porcelain Crowns on my top teeth. Instantly when I got home I noticed that one side was longer than the other. Please tell me what I... READ MORE

Perms on but Now Other Problem?

I went back and got the perms on I told him my concerns about the pain and asked about root canals and he said no. Now my bite is uneven. The bridge... READ MORE

What is the difference between a cap and a crown? Are teeth ground down with caps? (Photo)

If you can tell from my pictures below, what would be your recommendation. I want to improve the looks of my 6 top teeth. Right now I have a gap... READ MORE

Should gumline be even after placing lateral incisor implant crown? (Photo)

Along the gumline, my implant crown is shorter than my natural teeth and the shape is unnatural looking to me. My dentist tried to convince me that... READ MORE

Can you get equal teeth if before crowning your teeth were not equal? (Photo)

My crown is out and longer than the original tooth can I have a hope that my teeth will be equal to the original teeth as the crowned tooth before... READ MORE

I have uneven caps on my top teeth and severe overcrowding on my bottom teeth. What is my best treatment option? (photo)

At 13 I had an accident which required caps on my 2 front teeth , the type of cap caused uneven gum recession . The old caps were replaced 10 years... READ MORE

I have a crown on my upper right teeth and it is not equal to my original teeth

The crowned tooth is slightly out and big in length then the original one. Its because my original tooth which fell off during an injury was also out... READ MORE

I had a root canal on tooth 19 and tooth 3. I have a temporary crown on 19 and go back in 3 weeks for the permanent. (Photos)

I still have the temp filling in tooth 3 for now. I just got the temp crown a few days ago and it seems like my entire mouth is hurting, gums are... READ MORE

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