One Tooth is Smaller Than the Rest.. Can It Be Fixed?

One tooth is smaller and has had crown lengthening and three gum contours on same tooth at different times. I'm not sure if periodontist was just cautious and took minimal amounts of gum off each time. The results were a bit better but the gum seems to come back after removed is there anything else you would suggest to make this tooth appear larger .. Thanks Gina

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It sounds like you need a different procedure!

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Quite often a dentist will recontour the gum line with a laser to make the teeth appear longer.  This is called a gingivectomy.  This is a great procedure if there is enought gum tissue available.  In cases where there is not enough, the tissue will simply "grow back".  These cases must be handled differently by also recontouring the bone as well as the gum tissue.

One tooth smaller?

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When this happens in many times not only does the tissue have to be removed but also bone if it keeps growing back the issue maybe no bone taken away good luck


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