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Should I just get my crown replaced?

Crown on upper side (second to the last tooth) was replaced and too high. Dentist made some adjustments twice and now my bottom front teeth are... READ MORE

Ledge on crown shaved down, but still bothering me. What else can be done?

I had 3 crowns put in 4 months ago, #s 7,8, & 9. 8 and 9 are fine, but number 7 has a "ledge" on the back of it that my tongue hits and causes speech... READ MORE

I had crowns put on my incisors. I feel the back of the crowns with my tongue constantly! Should it be like this?

I had crowns put on my incisors (8 and 9). I can feel the back of the crowns with my tongue when it hits the roof of my mouth, which is constantly.... READ MORE

Why am I having jaw/ear pain after a crown?

My permanent crown was placed and I went back twice to have it shaved down. It seems to fit well now, but I have pain in my upper jaw continuing to my... READ MORE

I had a new crown put in recently, and the dentist shaved the premolar adjacent to it to make it fit. Is this cause for concern?

With a previous crown, the dentist shaved another premolar extensively, to make the crown fit, and this resulted in extensive decay on that side of... READ MORE

Can my dentist be correct about this?

I had a root canal and crown down on my bottom tooth a few years ago. last week I started experiencing pain in that tooth and the pain has progressed.... READ MORE

My new crown seems low and I can not use my retainer anymore. Any suggestions?

I just had a crown on a upper molar installed. In the adjustment, the dentist shaved several other teeth but I can see that my teeth are not aligned... READ MORE

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