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Will Temporary Crowns Affect the Shape of my Gums?

I had extracted a tooth by a periodontist. I then had some bone grafting done so that I can get an implant in the future. I then went to my dentist... READ MORE

I am very unhappy with the shape and size of the permanent crown I got today. Is it bad to redo the crown?

After root canal, I got my permanent crown cemented today. The dentist never showed it to me & permanently cemented it. To my horror, it doesn't match... READ MORE

Can my bite be put back where it was after receiving new front crowns on 5 teeth? It has changed my tooth size and shape (Photo)

I do not like my new crowns at all because my bite comes outward which has changed the dynamic of my smile. My teeth look completely different to me... READ MORE

Disastrous crowns done abroad in Europe - Pls look at pics and advise. What can I do? What are my rights? (UK citizen). (photos)

Teeth were bad due to illhealth, Ive calcium deficiency/req magnesium transfusions. Told gums likely to start receding. Crowns 5/2016, not yet... READ MORE

Should I get my front tooth crown remade if I feel like its too short? (photo)

I replaced my crown with my dentist, shape and length was perfect but color was grey, not shown in first pic. I went to a specialist in May, color is... READ MORE

What should a front tooth temporary crown look like?

This is what my dentist did, and I'm horrified at the shape and the color - brown. Is this normal? Why would they do it like this? I'm very upset with... READ MORE

Why doctor did not give me the crowns in the shape of teeth?

I got the zirconia crowns on tooth # 3 and tooth # 30 in the same day. The crowns have a flat top. No rows, no "hills. When I eat I feel light pain in... READ MORE

What procedures are available if I don't like my 4 front crowns?

I had tried my crowns 3 times with my doctor I didnt like the shape ,color and the size when I bite there is a gap between the upper& lower teeth... READ MORE

Tooth exposed under dental bridge permanently cemented 2 weeks ago. Do I have dentist send back to lab? (photos)

Bridge placed and permanently cemented 2 weeks ago. At time dentist did not point out #13 tooth exposed under bridge. No pain, but concerned about... READ MORE

Can a damaged tooth be given a normal shaped crown?

Vital tooth #30 had extensive filling. In crown prep, I thought the dentist would build up the missing wall and edge but instead she just modeled... READ MORE

Can shape and color of porcelain front crowns be really adjusted (temporarily cemented)? Can I trust dentist and lab?

I got 4 front crowns, temporarily cemented.Does that all sound fair, good practice? -color is too dark.Dentist said lab can lighten them (I though... READ MORE

Can this be reversed? What is the cause? Dental crowns? (photos)

Over the past several years I've noticed a change in my once symmetric face shape. This started happening after some dental work (a crown on my back... READ MORE

New front crowns not same as original teeth.

My new front crowns (7) look great! BUT My bite is off. Is it possible to get custom crowns that match your original tooth shape if you have the... READ MORE

Why dentist's digital photos of crowns look better than what I and other people see in real life? Is it resolution? (photo)

They look absolutely perfect in dentist's digital screen but not on other photos. He keeps showing me this screen and wants me to correct his work... READ MORE

Crown color and shape off. What to do? (Photo)

I recently got my permanent crown on my front tooth and while in the office the shape and color looked ok. Now a month later I hate it. It's yellow... READ MORE

Can my doctor make a ceramic crown similar to the tooth he is replacing?

I asked my doctor to make a crown similar to the tooth he is replacing and I found out after talking to him, after the fact, that he made it like the... READ MORE

Can Porcelain Bridge shape be affected by overheating during color adjustment? (photos)

I'm getting a porcelain bridge done and we had the structure the way I liked it. We gave it to the lab to have color adjusted and now it looks like... READ MORE

Can color and shape match a new crown on an implant on tooth 7 and a veneer on tooth 10? (Photo)

My dentist suggest getting veneers on the front four teeth. I don't want to do that, I'm not concerned about leaving gaps. I will do Invisalign after.... READ MORE

Front right permanent crown with the post fell out. I have a lot of bone loss.

I'm assuming that's why it fell out. This crowd is about 30 years old still in good shape. do I have to get an implant or what are some inexpensive... READ MORE

The crown on my second molar is too large and has a weird shape, how it be fixed?

The crown is way bigger than my natural tooth in every way. On top of it being to big the shape is just weird and it was not put on the center of the... READ MORE

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