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What to Do with Filed Down Molar Crown?

My doctor placed a crown on a previous filled molar. It was too high so I wnet back. The doctor filled it down which feels a bit better but one sideof... READ MORE

Can the sides of a crown be filed down after it's been permanently seated? (photos)

I got a new zirconia crown on my front tooth two weeks ago. It seems wider than the other front tooth and my teeth are (when I floss) closer together.... READ MORE

One Front Filing is Longer Than the Other Tooth?(With Braces)

In the past as a kid I chipped my front right tooth, so only approximately 3/4 of my original tooth is still there. Now at 17 years old I got braces... READ MORE

Is Filing Down the Backs of Zirconia Crowns Bad?

I recently had three zirconia crowns placed on my front three teeth. Due to issues with my bite the dentist had to sand down the backs of the crowns... READ MORE

My dentist fitted a double crown to my back teeth. Is it normal practice to file down my own teeth for it to fit properly?

The dentist filed down my own top back teeth and my new crowns so much so the new crown now show the metal through, one right at the back filed down... READ MORE

Did my dentist do something wrong after prepping, seating crown if pain? Can a crown be filed after seating if too large?(Photo)

I had 4 front teeth prepped, for crowns, took 3 wks to get bk from lab, after 2nd wk, went 2 ER on wkend gums inflammed, pus. antibiotics given.... READ MORE

Question Regarding Porclain Crown?

In the process of trying to get a new crown to feel better, the dental assistant ground down the very center of my crown so that the metal beneath the... READ MORE

File in Root Canal, redoing root canals (Photo)

I had Root Canals done 40 years ago. I don't have symptoms, but I want to have the crowns replaced because they're awful. I went to an endodontist who... READ MORE

One of my crowns is higher than the others. Can it be filed down? (Photo)

Hi! I just had crowns done for 6 of my bottom teeth. They were severly overlapped and crowded. I'm happy with the result except for the fact that one... READ MORE

Metal showing on crown that was filed.

I just had a crown installed (tooth 47). I think my original tooth might have been high so the crown was too high. The dentist had to filed it down a... READ MORE

A file was left in my canal by the gd and endo - after 3 root canals and not being told until 8 months later.

My Tooth THROBBED daily - assumed it from the 3 rc tooth absessed when I went back to try remove the file the ed drilled into my crown heard a... READ MORE

I have a new permanent crown and still have pain. How can it be adjusted?

Have a new crown and still have pain when biting down on it. How do they adjust it when it has been permanently glued in? Now if they grind down the... READ MORE

Reshaping/filing down from crowns & composite resin. (Photo)

So both my front teeth have crowns on them, I've had them for about a year, I never really payed attention to the way they looked at since I usually... READ MORE

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