Canine Tooth + Dental Crown

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Highly Decayed Canine Now With Temporary Crown is Throbbing? (photo)

I recently got a crown on a very decayed and Dentin exposed canine. It had been exposed and in bad shape for well over a year now. Just a few hours... READ MORE

Why does my porcelain crown look gray? (photos)

So about a week ago I got placed an all porcelain crown with a titanium abutment and implant. The color of the crown matches my other teeth in some... READ MORE

Is First Maxillary Premolar a Good Abutment for Replacing Canine and Lateral Incisor in Fixed Bridge?

Hi i need to know if a patient can have a fixed bridge replacing a lateral incisor and canine in maxilla on one side with central incisor and first... READ MORE

Dental Bridge/impacted Canine Tooth?

I've recently had a 3-unit bridge placed and am not happy with the results. I had a 2nd consult and after finding many issues with the bridge, I may... READ MORE

How do I get my money back from original dentist? Or how do I go about finding dentist who will work with me on price? (photo)

I wanted 8 veneers on top teeth.She ended up doing crowns instead of veneers,without telling me.I didt realize this until afterwards.An explanation of... READ MORE

How do I advise my new dentist that she made a serious mistake with a crown placement?

My dentist placed a "pre-molar crown" on a lower "canine" tooth. It such an obvious error. I questioned its appearance, however there seemed to be... READ MORE

I have a 3 unit bridge on both sides top front a week ago permently cemented but it feels tight on one side

Will this settle? The teeth throb & the sides of my mouth squeeze the canines when I purse my mouth, they have already been adjusted to remove... READ MORE

Is there a way to make my front teeth look smaller than they are naturally with a bridge? (photos)

I currently have a Maryland bridge on my front teeth because I am congenitally missing my 2 front lateral incisors. I am considering replacing that... READ MORE

Do my crowns look fake? What can I do? (photos)

I had my two front teeth crowned. But the dentist couldnt make them right. I asked for a refund and went to another dentist. He made the crowns joined... READ MORE

Crowns or bonding? (photos)

I completed my ortho to correct genetic lack of lateral incisors. Though ortho corrected spaces, it created new issues: midline isn't centered anymore... READ MORE

Are 6 crowns on top the best fix for pointy canine and small lateral teeth? (photos)

Dentist recommended 6 zirconium crowns to top front teeth. Nothing to bottom teeth. Teeth are healthy, no cavities, no damage,healthy gums. I have... READ MORE

I had Invisalign done but am not happy with shape of my teeth, would you recommend crowns? (photos)

First let me say that my two front teeth were knocked out as a kid in baseball accident and I have had composite front teeth since. Composite isn't... READ MORE

Gum recession behind crown tooth, possible root exposure, monitor?

I have an old (15 year) crown on my upper canine tooth, #6 I think. I noticed tonight a small area behind the crown that has receded. The crown is... READ MORE

Issues with permanent bridge. Whom should I consult? (photos)

I had a 6 unit all ceramic front bridge placed ( 4 missing front teeth due to an accident, canines used as support) . I am having some problems with... READ MORE

Crowns versus smile chart are not the same. Can these concerns be corrected? (Photo)

The crown choice was softened. This choice shows the incisors similar in the horizontal position. In the face photo, the lateral incisors (next to the... READ MORE

Porcelain crowns were placed today on both lateral and central incisors and 1 canine. Any suggestions?

I feel movement in one of the laterals as well as one of the centrals. I can wiggle them with fingers; I told him immediately and he said that the... READ MORE

Is it possible for a ceramic dental crown to be shaped and molded to look like two smaller teeth? If not, what could be done?

I had 2 teeth extracted behind my canine tooth in my lower jaw.Its been a few years so the teeth have shifted.Theres only room for one implant, and a... READ MORE

I am getting an all ceramic 6 unit bridge for my front teeth. I have 4 missing teeth and the canines are being used as a support

The dentist placed a temp bridge but that felt too tight. I was given another temp but am having issues- a) I am having pain on pressing the canine... READ MORE

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