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I Am 59 and Unhappy About the Color of my Recent Crowns. What Should I Do? (photo)

I visited the dentist 3 years ago regarding worn out teeth due to bruxism and chronic headaches. The dentist diagnosed a malocclusion and suggested... READ MORE

3/4 crowns on four front teeth? (photos)

My teeth have shifted over the past few years and turning gray with extreme sensitivity and pain. dentist wants to do 3/4 crowns followed by retainer.... READ MORE

Is It Likely That a Woman of 60 Years of Age Will get Results From Orthodontics?

I have a few dental issues. My dentist at Univ of Iowa Dental is trying to correct an ill advised cosmetic job on lower front teeth. He has to correct... READ MORE

How can I avoid unnecessary radiation from dental x-rays and procedures and keep my beautiful smile?

I'm in my early 60s and have great oral hygiene and fine teeth. In my 40s, I had my childhood mercury fillings removed and wore braces to correct my... READ MORE

Can you tell me what condition is necessary for a successful implant? Is there a certain thickness of bone required?

My 2nd opinion said the tooth or root is 80%--90% fractured. He wants to save the tooth. He applied some patching to the crown at the gum line and... READ MORE

Can a provisional crown/bridge for my six top teeth be redone?

Since my teeth have always been crooked & with one of my two front teeth overlapping I've always had that toothy look with an overjet. As I'm 64, I... READ MORE

Should I find another dentist?

I'm 62 y o. My dentist says I am not grinding my teeth, but two other dentists say I am. Dentin exposed on six lower teeth, & ringing in the ears.... READ MORE

Recently needed the crowns on my front teeth replaced. Will be adding a veneer to each side. Are they too white? (Photos)

If the color of these temps are indeed the color , even with the added veneers on each side, Are they too white? Afraid will just bring attention to... READ MORE

Should I get a post and crown or an implant? (Photo)

I had a crack in tooth #5. My dentist tried to do a root canal but couldn't find the canals because the tooth is calcified. He sent me to an... READ MORE

Do I need crowns on two lower molars and removal of wisdom tooth?

I am in my 60s. my dentist insists I remove all wisdom teeth eventually, but right now one wisdom tooth and crown two molars. A recent root canal on... READ MORE

Follow-Up Question: I'm 62 on a fixed income. (photos)

Doc says I need a cap. What can I do. She doesn't have a payment plan. Another . I spoke to u earlier. Should I just get it pulled. READ MORE

Why do I need a root canal when I already have a crown?

I have had a crown for at least 5 years and I am just now have sensitivity with cold things I eat. I went to my periodontist and he says I need a root... READ MORE

Can a temporary crown cause dry mouth, nasty coating on teeth around it & bad breath?

I have had the crown only a week and after brushing my teeth before bed, I wake up with a nasty mouth in the night. It seems to get more pronounced as... READ MORE

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