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Dental Crown or Veneer for Front Left Top Tooth? (photo)

I am 34 and had a root canal at an early age on my front left top tooth. It was chipped and filled however over the last couple years it has become... READ MORE

Plastic Crown, Porcelain or Extraction (Root Canal)?

Hi i am a 28 years old lady. I just had my root canal therapy last May 2010 without a crown. It was my third tooth from the right starting from the... READ MORE

Crowns and Teeth Whitening? (photo)

I have a crown on one of my central incisors that I got when I was 14, but I'm 28 now and would like a whiter smile. The crown is still in good shape,... READ MORE

My New 2 Front Dental Fused to Metal Porcelain Crown Looks So Bright Compare to my Other Teeth Does It Lose Brightness in Time?

My dentist decided to put shade a3 to my crowns but she told me that my real shade is a3.5. she told me it will look better on me since im only 27... READ MORE

My boyfriend has a ceramic crown, will this cause black gums?

My boyfriend has a ceramic crown on a front tooth, he is 27 has been smoking for seven years and is a white male but his gums are turning a light... READ MORE

Implant or Crown to Replace an Previously Veneered Front Tooth?

I had to have my top front tooth extracted. My 6 front teeth had veneers. I had planned to get a direct implant however there was not enough bone so I... READ MORE

Normal Healing or Crack: What's Next?

28yo w/ healthy teeth. After having a deep filling I had a zing like sensation on bite down not release. They adjusted the bite twice, No improvement... READ MORE

Veneers or crowns for broken front teeth? I'm 30 yrs old & my 2 yr old son accidentally hit me in the teeth w/ his head (photo)

My dentist bonded my broken tooth pieces back on after the damage in late Nov. The 2nd pic show the current condition. I had x-rays yesterday to look... READ MORE

Change the color of my zirconia crowns?

Hello, I'm a 26 year old female from saudi arabia . I've just placed 10 teeth zirconium crowns on my upper teeth but I'm not happy with the result the... READ MORE

I have almost 16 crowns and I'm only 27. Why?

It seems I'm the only one in the family who suffers from bad teeth, but I believe my dad did as well when I was a teenager. I don't understand how,... READ MORE

Dental help: Crown fell off molar root canal.....8 years ago. (Photo)

Looking for guidance here, not criticism...Im a 29 y/o male and I lost the crown off my 1st molar root canal about 8 years ago leaving a stump. Over... READ MORE

I'm Only 26 Now.. I Just Get Dental Crown in my Front N Lower Teeth?

How many year my dental crown ll be stay???? My crown made by all ceramic beta... Pls doctor reply me..... Is it any problem In future in my... READ MORE

Affect on lips of outward projected teeth.

Hi Doc. when i was in clas 5th my front tooth got half broken .i had fallen off while playing and teeth got half broken. today at age of 25 i got it... READ MORE

Can I fix my smile with veneers or crowns? (Photo)

I am in my 30's and would love to have my teeth fixed. I had orthodontics as a teenager , but my teeth rapidly became crooked again. I would like to... READ MORE

Why have my dental crowns sunk in? (photos)

I had dental implant surgery due to missing lateral incisors about at age 17, now 33. My crowns have become much shorter than my natural teeth, not... READ MORE

Very poor teeth. What do you recommend for someone like me?

I've got more cavities than I can even begin to think about. I had a bunch filled before my husband got out of the army but haven't since. My dental... READ MORE

Are my crowns too short? (Photo)

Do these look too short? I have my temp crowns in right now and tried my permanents on to see how they would look and took a few pics and pasted here.... READ MORE

I had crowning for my 2 front teeth. Can I do another crowning for both of them? What's the best option? (Photo)

I am 30 years old..i have two crown front teeth for more than 5 years now.and last year i had a root canal on one them. both of them are stained and... READ MORE

RCT procedure?

Hey.i am 30 years old.i have cavity in my front upper teeth.filling was done almost 2years now i am experiencing a small black spot on front of... READ MORE

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