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I have sensitivity/pain when I floss between the bonded tooth and eye tooth. Is this normal? Will it subside soon? (photo)

I had my front tooth bonded in April 2013 because of small cavity between it and the eye tooth next to it. Bond fell out and was redone December 26,... READ MORE

My bonded retainers are digging into my tongue, what am I meant to do?

A few weeks ago i felt as if my bottom bonded retainers are digging into my tongue, so i quickly made an orthodontics appoint but sadly its in... READ MORE

I had bonding done on two of my teeth because of gum recession. It has been two months

When I use a pick on the gum line I feel the sharp pain then it goes away. Is this caused by dentin being exposed? Will it go away? What should I do?... READ MORE

Bonded Tooth Hurts After Cleaning?

I had a cleaning done on Thursday. At the cleaning they told me that my bonded tooth (up front) needs to be capped, which is expensive. Now after the... READ MORE

Pain and discomfort following cosmetic bonding of an intact tooth 8 months ago. Should the bonding be removed?

I've been experiencing pain/discomfort with a front (left) tooth after having cosmetic bonding over an intact tooth 8 months ago. I'm not sure if the... READ MORE

I'm having trouble biting when eating due to a bonded tooth, very painful (Photo)

Fell hard on face, big piece of tooth chip, got fill in, afraid bonded piece will come out... READ MORE

A dentist says my enamel is very thin and microtubules are visible. Will bonding help? I've had pain for years from this.

I have had many consultations with MD and dental specialists for horrible, stabbing pain that only goes away when I sleep (I'm also now hooked on pain... READ MORE

Is it time for me to see the dentist for my dental bondings?

I got my two front teeth bonded after the tips being chipped off seven years ago. I noticed one of my teeth throbbing with pain, so I decided to look... READ MORE

Can my teeth be fixed through using the bonding procedure? (photo)

I would like to know if it can be fixed through bonding?how long will it take and is it painfull?thank-you READ MORE

Am I being told the right info about bonding and my bite? Can it be fixed?

Dentist offered to fix the gap and lengthen my 2 front teeth. Ended up bonding 6 front & "protecting" the back. Great, until he smoothed the back... READ MORE

How to retain effects made by gap bands? (photo)

I have 3 mm Gap between my 2 front teeth and I'd like to get them closer, at least a bit.Braces are expensive and so not an option for me. Once I did... READ MORE

After retouching my front tooth bonding, my tooth hurts and the pain is too much. What can I do to stop the pain?

I have got my front tooth bonding 7 years was good with time it discolored and the breakage line became visible so went to the... READ MORE

Dental Bonding Dangers Please Help Me!

Thanks for the chance to ask questions! I'm a 50 yr old woman, just had teeth bonded less than 1 day ago at new dentist. I'm scared of toxicity &... READ MORE

Pain after bonding

I went in to a dentist that has never done my bonding before and he said that both of my front teeth needed redoing all together and not a touch up.... READ MORE

Extremely sensitive teeth; after bonding they are still sensitive?

I had 2 extremely sensitive teeth bonded on the outer side as even taking a deep breath had me in pain. They are on the lower back. I am still... READ MORE

Why does my bonding hurt?

My bonding had fallen off and i just got it red on today. After the numbing wore off it has hurt to even touch it. It hurts a lot in general. READ MORE

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