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Zeltiq Demarcation on Upper Abs Near Rib Cage

I am 6wks post-zeltiq on my lower(lrg handpeice)& middle(med. handpeice) abs. I'm seeing a great result, however I have a line of demarcation... READ MORE

Is it common for Coolsculpting to make surrounding areas carry more fat, or make the untreated area clearly uneven? (Photo)

It has been 2 months since I got coolsculpting on my lower stomach & love handles. I'm happy with the results. My stomach is flatter & the love... READ MORE

1 Month After CoolSculpting I can Feel a Ridge Across my Upper Abs, is this Normal?

I had CoolSculpting 4 weeks ago.  I have a ridge across my upper abs about 3 inches long.  It is a bump I can feel, but is not visible. What... READ MORE

Is it normal to get these red marks after zeltiq coolsculpting? (Photos)

Is it normal to be this red after 24 hrs from zeltiq coolsculpting? This is on my love handle and upper abdomen. I did it on my lower abdomen but... READ MORE

Days following Coolsculpting procedure to upper and lower abs -how to optimize/not sabotage results?

I recently got my upper and lower abs treated with Coolsculpting. On my day of treatment and on the following day, I had a lot of heavy, fat and... READ MORE

Why do I have this cone-like swelling 10 weeks post CoolSculpting?

I first had cool sculpt on my lower abdomen. I am not overweight and exercise. The results were actually too good, I looked unbalanced and they... READ MORE

Will Coolsculpting Help with a Small Amount of Fat on my Upper Abs After TT & Lipo?

Can coolsculpting get rid of a small amount of fat on my upper abdomen 2yrs after my TT & lipo? My PS said he can do some more lipo & fat... READ MORE

CoolSculpting after liposuction?

I had a small amount of liposuction done over a year ago I am not happy with the results on my bellg/abs. I have never been over weight I just would... READ MORE

How soon can one get the second treatment?

I'm one week today after my first treatment to upper and lower abdomen. My tech had me go ahead and schedule the second treatment one month out.... READ MORE

I had a Coolsmooth Pro session which ended a bit early due to an error. Did it go long enough to work?

It was with the new applicator (which cuts the time to 75 minutes) on my upper abs. My session ended right after 60 minutes. The nurse doing the... READ MORE

Second treatment, of cold sculpting .Application site is very hard, lumpy and painful to the touch. Is this expected?

Upper abs 2 weeks Post Treated area, are hard, lumpy and painful to the touch. Is this normal? I understand each person is different, but my reaction... READ MORE

Can you treat an area 3 x in one day?

Would you recommend treating an area 2 to 3 times in one day? I am having 12 sessions in one day. Upper and lower abs along with flanks. It is a dual... READ MORE

CoolSculpting or lipo for upper and lower abdomen?

Help! I recently seem to accumulate fat and weight in my stomach and as a curvy girl a flat stomach is critical. I don't want to go under general, but... READ MORE

Getting gas and taking anti-inflammatory after coolsculpting.

I am 7 days out of having procedure done on lower and upper abdomen. Besides the pain, I have also had the worst gas. Could this just be a rare... READ MORE

What can be done about the ridge on upper abs after Coolsculpting?

After a coolsculpting treatment to the upper abdomen, there is ridge that runs along where the applicator was placed in the middle of my upper ab.... READ MORE

Would it be beneficial to use a large applicator or 2 small applicators for my upper abs? (photos)

Would it be beneficial to use a large aplicator or 2 small aplicators for my uper abs knowing that i already had my sides dune and i hade my lower abe... READ MORE

Was it a waste of money to get the CoolSculpting done before a Tummy Tuck?

I had coolsculpting done to my upper and lower abs (2). I may want to do a tummy tuck next year. Was the coolsculpting a waste of money or will they... READ MORE

I am scheduled to have CoolSculpting done in a few days. Is it safe to have four areas done in one day?

I am having (2) areas done on my lower abdomen, left and right side, and (2) areas done on my upper abdomen, left and right side. Is is safe to have... READ MORE

Will result from coolsculpting treatments skew results from a CT scan ?

Cool sculpting treatments were done on my lower and upper abdomen (1 & 3 weeks ago). I have an abdominal ct scan schedule for next week. READ MORE

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