Is it normal to get these red marks after zeltiq coolsculpting? (Photos)

Is it normal to be this red after 24 hrs from zeltiq coolsculpting? This is on my love handle and upper abdomen. I did it on my lower abdomen but there's no redness or bruises there. The machine used was a legit zeltiq machine, and the gel pad was applied beforehand. It doesn't hurt or sting, only when I press it. Are these just gigantic hicky marks? Or would they be burns or something bad?

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Is it normal to get these red marks after zeltiq coolsculpting?

What you are seeing are tiny pettichiae in the skin resulting from the amount of suction applied by the applicator. Those are tiny capillaries that broke during the procedure. These will resolve with time.

Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Red marks after Coolsculpting

Thank you for your question. You are most probably experiencing bruising or petechiae (broken blood vessels) and will resolve in a few days to a few weeks. You may use Arnica to help speed healing process. Best of Luck!

Hardik Soni, MD
Summit Emergency Medicine Physician
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Red marks after Coolsculpting

Everyone responds differently to Coolsculpting in general and they respond differently in different areas.  These are petechiae from the suction.  I had this myself when I had my lower abdomen done.  They will resolve over the next few days to weeks.

Stephanie Martin, MD
Atlanta Orthopaedic Surgeon
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Petechiae post coolsculpting

The bruising or petechiae (broken blood vessels) that is shown in your picture should resolve on its own. It is not uncommon, and arnica may be helpful to speed up the healing process.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Bruising from Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is an amazing procedure that reduces fat in a give area by 20 percent.  It looks like you had bruising from the applicator which was applied.  The bruising or petechiae (broken blood vessels) should resolve on its own.  Arnica can often expedite this healing process.  Please let me know how your results were.

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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CoolSculpt After Effects

CoolSculpting can cause some bruising and tiny inflamed or broken capillaries, also call petechiae. If you take omega fatty acids (fish oil), aspirin, blood thinners or have anemia you can more prone to bruising or petechiae. It is also normal to be mildly sore, tender to touch, and some people can even be a little itchy. These are all normal/expected reactions and usually resolve within a few weeks. If the areas stay that way, become worse, or are accompanied by a fever you should contact your doctor or treatment provider. 

Peter J. Capizzi, MD
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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Probably Normal CoolSculpting Effects and Short-Term Changes

From your photos the marks appear to be like bruising.  This could have been caused by the vacuum suction.  We see occasional bruise like marks with CoolSculpting, but this has resolved over several days with no other negative effects.  Please be sure to keep in touch with your plastic surgeon's office.  They can see you personally and best assess the marks, particularly if they do not disappear soon.

Sutton Graham II, MD
Greenville Plastic Surgeon
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Cool Sculpting

Yes these marks are normal.  The suction seems to leave these marks more frequently on the love handle area than any other areas.

Red marks after CoolSculpting

It is possible to get discoloration after a CoolSculpting treatment, but it does not always occur.  The discoloration can be reddish or like a bruise.  The color can last a few days or sometimes a bit longer but it should fade away completely with time.  It is not anything bad or worrisome.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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