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Feeling Pain and Tingling After I Eat Since Cool Sculpting

I had the procedure done 5 days ago and I notice that I feel sharp pain and tingling in my stomach when I eat. My stomach is very sensitive to the touch. READ MORE

Swelling with Zeltiq

Is it normal to have some swelling after zeltiq. i had it 4 days ago, my stomach is definitely a bit 'bigger' puffier than it was prior to the... READ MORE

Is it ok to use Arnica gel or oral arnica tablets after the procedure?

I had coolsculpting on my outer thighs 4 days ago. The bruising really coming in all of the sudden, trying to control but worried it will interfere... READ MORE

Does applying heat after recent Coolsculpting affect the aptosis (die-off of chilled fat)? NOT about hyperpigmentation.

4 days ago, I had excellent Coolsculpting on back of arms, Z wave, no bruising, still a little numb. Today I decided to prep for Caribbean trip by... READ MORE

Why does coolsculpting say no pain or down time?

I had cool sculpting 4 days ago.  My blood pressure has spiked to level 2 hypertension and it feels as if sharp pins are sticking me.  I... READ MORE

4 days post op from Coolsculpting; pain & cramping has increased & now my compression waist cincher is even painful to wear.

Compression garment is now feeling tighter & my belly continues to feel even more bloated. I'm starting to feel like I'm a special case & that maybe... READ MORE

Why are bruises only now beginning to show, 4 days after outer thigh procedure?

I had coolsculpting done on my outer thighs 4 days ago. Bruising is just starting to show up. I am concerned it's going to continue to get worse. How... READ MORE

When will this swelling and pain end?

Hi! I got cool sculpting done 4 days ago, and the pain is bearable but super uncomfortable. If someone or anything so much as braises my abdomen, I... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting and IPL - In Kentucky the majority of Cool sculpting is conducted by estheticians or Nurse practitioners.

In Kentucky the majority of Cool sculpting is conducted by estheticians or Nurse practitioners. After 4 treatment areas to my abdomen I was quite... READ MORE

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