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CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure that uses a controlled device to freeze and destroy fat. Fatty areas are gently pinched between the CoolSculpting applicator, which cools the area to a temperature that causes fat cells to crystallize and die. This treatment isn't intended for massive weight loss, but for treating problem areas like loves handles, stomach rolls, and arm fat.
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It is 27 march today, about one month since i did the procedure in february 22. I did 4 cycles, which means four "pinches" by the machine. Left arm, right arm, left upper ab, right upper ab. I could never wear sleeveless tops because of my fat arms although the rest of my body is not fat. The... READ MORE

I'm a good shape! I workout and eat very healthy. I could never ever get rid of my double chin. I've had it since college. My friends would make comments all the time. You are so thin but you have a double chin. Rude! Lol. I finally did something about it. I noticed as I aged it started... READ MORE

I never been fat but my abdomen was freaking me since I had my delivery 9 years ago and got lots of stretch marks and loose skin. I was looking not bad in the morning dresses but only if I could skip the dinner on last evening. I did 2 areas on my abdomen and now I'm feeling confident! New... READ MORE

I researched Coolsculpting for about a year before deciding to try it. The office I went to had a deal going so I got two applications done within the same treatment. I was very apprehensive as I read the reviews on here and heard all the stories about pain, discomfort, and no results. I decided... READ MORE

New year new me... decided to try freeing my fat (I was super skeptical) did my inner thighs and couldn't believe in about a month my inner thighs don't rub together anymore. Best thing ever!!! Loved the people at Sanova and Dr Adam Mamalek was really detailed and friendly. Best money I've... READ MORE

I had my procedure at DMH Aesthetics in Los Angeles and the staff so far has been extremly helpful and when I went into my consultation Athena was my Nurse for the consult. She answered all of my questions (because let me tell you ...I had a ton) SO I decided to finally try get rid of... READ MORE

I am a 43 year old woman with 2 children. I had small pockets of fat on my thighs, stomach and lower back that I couldn't take care of with diet and exercise. I decided to try coolsculpting because I didn't want to have an invasive treatment. After meeting with the people at Synergy... READ MORE

My motivation was that I hated to way the bulge looked, I exercise and I'm active and I just couldn't get rid of it. I work with Dr . Davis at Kennedy Cherryhill and I trust him and we talked about the process and I made an appointment with Donna at his office and I'm so happy that I did because... READ MORE

I'm 36 years old and have always had a small area of fat on my lower abdomen. I decided to try CoolSculpting and am so glad I did! The hardest part of the actual treatment was the massage after. It didn't hurt but was somewhat uncomfortable. I was sore and swollen for about 2 weeks but was... READ MORE

I've had several friends recommend this procedure and I wanted to try it out to see it for myself. After everything the results were as expected! I'm living a much healthier life style, even my friends can see a difference. Would definitely recommend for anyone that wants to try this out and to... READ MORE

I had tried the Zerona, crazy diets, cleanses, and the VellaShape. Nothing worked like it claimed to and was way over priced. I was really skeptical when I heard about CoolSculpting, but was also desperate to lose the stomach pooch. I found Synergy in Parker, CO from a friend that I trusted who... READ MORE

I tried CoolSculpting because I didn't want to have surgery or have any downtime. I was told it was a pain free procedure and that I could back to working immediately after. I was able to go back to working out the next day but it wasn't a pain free procedure. Immediately after the procedure... READ MORE

Well, I am writing this as I have just finished my outer thighs about an hour ago. I will continue to update this as I experience things. I am 5'6" about 145, athletic build. I lift and do yoga about 5x a week. I am in decent shape but age, 43, and genetics are making it tough to feel good... READ MORE

My wife wanted me to start working out again, so I did. I was losing weight around my middle section but my double chin remained even when I got back down to my college weight. I found out about the new coolsculpting treatment for double chins and my wife booked me an appointment. I was a good... READ MORE

I'm not a heavy person , but the little amount of belly fat , just made me crazy , I went to a lunch and learn about coolsculpting and knew I had to do it . It wasnt comfortable , but not awful either . It definitely is the way to go for a thinner person to rid themselves of small amounts of fat... READ MORE

I loved having my CoolSculpting done. I can't say enough nice things about Lynn who set me up on the CoolSculpting machine. She was very professional and personable. She told me exactly what to expect and how I would feel. I am looking forward to having my thighs done and get ready for swimsuit... READ MORE

I am writing this as an ongoing review. I found that the reviews I read helped me so much, so hoping to do the same for others. I went for my first coolsculpting session this morning using a medium applicator on my mid-lower abdomen. My concern going into the treatment was my lower abdomen... READ MORE

I am 24 years old, 5' 3" and 132 pounds. I went in for a consultation for Coolsculpting on Thursday, January 28. I didn't know too much about it but I had seen a review on YouTube and thought I would check it out. I have been eating healthier and working out for about 8 months now and have... READ MORE

Like most I'm sure, I have a problem area in my abdominal section. I researched extensively and thought of originally going for a tummy tuck or liposuction. When I saw the CoolSculpting reviews I thought to myself why not give it a shot. It was definitely less expensive and less avasive compared... READ MORE

After working out 4-5 days a week, eating as healthy as I could, I had just about given up. Yes, I had seen my body change but not like I wanted to- not until CoolSculpting. I always thought, "This little belly is all due to genetics. There is nothing I can do." Never did I think being wrong... READ MORE

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