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CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared, non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that uses a handheld device to precisely freeze and destroy fat below the surface of the skin. CoolSculpting is not intended for significant weight loss, but for treating stubborn areas of fat resistant to diet and exercise. Approved treatment areas include the abs, love handles, inner and outer thighs, back, bra fat, "banana roll," upper arms, and underneath the chin. LEARN MORE >

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37 Year Old Male 252lbs

I'm a bigger guy and wasn't happy with the size of my mid section and decided to give coolsculpting a try they say it takes up to 3 months for full results. It's only been about 6 weeks and I am already seeing tons of results. I can't wait for 3 months to be over and see how much it has done for... READ MORE

47 Yrs Old Cool Sculpting After TT Upper Belly Fat

Had the procedure done today. I was worried about other posting here theirs was painful. However it was uncomfortable the first few min. The device got good suction of the area. I felt to sleep during the procedure. Now comes the wait I'll keep guys posted. 37 "around belly button and 34 "... READ MORE

CoolSculpting for Stubborn Fat in Tummy, 2 Kids, Ever Young ,Port Coquitlam BC

This afternoon I am having Cool Sculpting in my lower abdomen area to get it off stubborn fat. I am exercising 3 times a week but whatever I do the thick skin doesn't go away. I work in an office and could be the reason that the stubborn fat has accumulated over the years. I will keep everyone... READ MORE

40's 2 C-sections Lots of Belly Fat!

Hi I have my appointment tomorrow for Coolsculpting. Soo nervous. I hold all my weight in my middle and even at 120lbs I still have a big belly. Right now I am on my heavy side around 130lbs. My legs and arms are fine just my big old belly. I am hoping for some improvement. I am a little... READ MORE

50, Active, Tired of the "Bulge"

Despite being active since my teens (sports, working out, etc.) I have never really had a waist to speak of and a very round stomach area no matter how much I work out. I'm 5'7" and about 155 lbs. I thought for my 50th I would like to try coolsculpting as I've heard a lot of good things about... READ MORE

47 Man - Kennewick, WA

I've had love handles since i was 12 years old. I went all through high school to embarrassed to take shirt off in front of girls. I wanted to do lipo but it's so spendy so I tried this. Hoping for good results. We'll see. Although not as expensive as lipo it's still not cheap so I'll be very... READ MORE

27 Year Old, 5'6", 145lbs, No Kids, Active and Healthy Eater. But This Tummy Fat!

This will be my first experience with Coolsculpting. I've previously been treated for depression and the medication has unfortunately made me gain weight. I've been eating well (salads, fruits, etc) and staying active (exercise 5 days/week). Yet I am still struggling with unwanted fat in my mid... READ MORE

I had an amazing experience

Dr. Aggarwal is super doctor, no doubt. He truly took care of me when I went to see him. His bed side manners are A plus. He is avprofessional and a master sculpture. I am very very happy with my results. Also, his office is gorgeous with an incredible view. READ MORE

Los Feliz Med Spa

I have been a patient of Michelle Ware for around 10 years. I wouldn't let anyone inject into my face but her. I just tried cool sculpting on my abdomen today and am looking forward to the results. Here are photos of my results from the flanks. Can't wait to see my results on my abdomen as... READ MORE

Chin Coolsculpting - Ottawa, ON

Just recently noticed my jawline getting slack and a small Pocket of fat-not necessarily noticeable head on but on profile could see it and it was bugging me. Considered belkyra but worried about long term swelling ! So my MD suggested cool sculpting for chin. Went with cool mini and it was... READ MORE

60 Years Old and Coolsculpting.

I had my first treatment of coolsculpting 3 weeks ago. I'm 4'10" and weigh between 125 130. My mid-section has always been an issue. I had discomfort during the procedure and after. It hurt me in areas. Numbness in those areas for a wk. I have seen a little change in my flanks. I would do it... READ MORE

CoolSculpting of Flabby Belly and Love Handles!

I am a 37 year old mother of a 1.5 year old. I am 5'1 and weight 140 pounds. I am getting 8 areas of coolsculpting treated on my upper & lower abdomen and front and back flanks. Using the cooladvantage newer applicators that only take 35 mins per treatment. Get 2 areas done at a time. I... READ MORE

29 Yo Soon-to-be Bride, Coolsculpting on Lower Stomach and Arms

Hello, I decided to try out Coolsculpting to improve some problem areas before my upcoming wedding in three months. I did my lower stomach on July 29 and my arms on August 1. JULY 29: A few moments after the applicator was attached to my lower abdomen, I felt a sudden wave of nausea and cold... READ MORE

Thunder Thighs

I have disliked my thighs since childhood. I have never been comfortable in shorts, and they always seem to ride up on my due to my small waist and big rear end. I decided to give coolsculpting a try because liposuction seemed to invasive. I started out with my saddlebag area and flank area... READ MORE

25 with No Kids

I recently lost 50 pounds and still have a lot of stubborn fat that will not go away no matter how much I diet and exercise. So today I got the cool sculpting procedure done. It wasn't bad at all, no real pain, just annoying chill sensation. After the cycle begins the area becomes numb after the... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 5'3 Very Active, 140 Lbs. Love Handles and Lower Abs

After working out every day intensely for two years and making major diet changes, I was very frustrated that the scale hasn't changed whatsoever although I have put on a lot of muscle and I haven't had any changes in my stomach or flanks. On 5/8 I went for the procedure and the place I went... READ MORE

32 Yrs. Cool Sculpting

This is day 1 just to track my progress. Getting the cool sculpting done to me right now. I had lower right abdomen and am now getting hour 2 for lower left abdomen. It's not painful, just uncomfortable for the first couple of minutes because of the strong auction and then the freezing. After... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Back Fat - Walnut Creek, CA

I purchased 6 treatments for my back. I needed two sessions one on each side which is a hour long for each side. The first ten minutes it was uncomfortable but after that I felt a pulling pinching feeling which was also tolerable. Once the hour is over a 2 minutes massage is performed on the... READ MORE

Cool sculpting

Ideal image cool sculpting was done on 8/5/17 these are the before pictures! I had my upper abdomen and back/bra line done. My posture makes my body look differently so I tried for the best angles to get the most genuine stance of what I look like naturally. I have pretty bad back "rolls" an my... READ MORE

Sick of stomach & arms that never change

5ft 4in and 150lbs after a year of doing nothing, decided on focusing on loosing 20 pounds. Coolsculpting sounded like a move to add to results. Always unhappy with my stomach and arms, this was an impulse buy in Phuket, Thailand. The day itself was just a little uncomfortable, arms were the... READ MORE

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