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Experience with Cool Scultping -Metairie, LA

I heard about this procedure that could freeze your stubborn fat cells & new fat cells could not grow back. It sparked my interest because after diet and exercise I just could not lose the gut I had. So after shopping around the credibility of some places that offered the procedure was... READ MORE

Coolsculpting- Bra Area, Upper and Lower Stomach, Thighs - Wichita Falls, TX

I had 4 areas done on the 30th of May. Two of the small applicators on the back, one large and one small on the stomach area. I weighed in at 257.3 beginning with a height of 5'10. They put the pull on the applicators at 75 %. After about 4-5 min. the pain stops and the area became numb. The... READ MORE

A Super Experience - Baskinridge, NJ

Dr. Evdokimow is one of the brightest and most compassionate doctors in the field. He listened to my concerns, answered all my questions, and made suggestions in what treatment he thought would best achieve my desired results. When I came to his office to have the CoolSculpting procedure done, I... READ MORE

Lower Abdomen-not As Painless As They Say! - Tampa, FL

I'm about 5'7, 147 pds, work out regularly but starting to develop a "pouch". One of my friends had Coolsculpt on her flanks and said it was painless and the best thing she ever did, so I decided to try it on my lower abdomen. I was considering Liposonix but ready a lot of reviews regarding the... READ MORE

CoolSculpting is Remarkable - Minneapolis, MN

After going through menopause it was very hard to lose my tummy and love handles no matter what I tried. I wasn't sure exactly what procedure would take care of my problem but Dr. Harrington reviewed the different options thoroughly. Coolsculpting fit the bill, no time off of work and minimal... READ MORE

Very Excited - Saint Petersburg, FL

I had my procedure performed at Cool-U in St. Petersburg, FL. I had three areas done. They prepared me for the worst, but it was a breeze. I am excited to see the results. An hour after we were done I went to dinner with a friend and couldn't stop talking about it. The office was clean,... READ MORE

Another Waste of Money Treatment - London, GB

I just don't understand how these treatments get FDA approval. Think I Need to read the contents of the approval exactly. I had 4 treatments to my flanks and lower abs and the treatment made absolutely no difference except lighten my wallet. Save your money. As has already been mentioned,... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting -Dallas, TX

I just recently had the cool sculpting procedure done on 6-10-13, in Dallas. I had 4 areas done. The love handles, are by far, the easiest. The stomach "kicks your butt" after day 2. There is no way to explain the tingking, burning feeling that you experience. The nurse told me to expect... READ MORE

Painful - Baton Rouge, LA

I had Cool Sculpting 11 days ago on my lower abdomen. If I would have found this website prior to having it done, I would have changed my mind on the belly. The pain is excruciating, little needles sticking me all over. I can't rest at night. I have called the doctors office three times... READ MORE

Coolsculpting, Lower Abdomen - Santa Rosa, CA


Cool Scultping on Thighs - Wilmington, NC

I went to Wilmington Plastic surgery. I got the cool sculpting procedure done on my thighs with the attachment made for the inner thighs. It took an hour per thigh. It was extremely uncomfortable. When she took the attachment off I got a charlie horse in my leg and I thought I was going to throw... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting Experience - Raleigh, NC

I had the procedure done eight days ago. Yesterday (day 7) was the best I have felt since having my procedure done. The staff was courteous, professional, and most friendly. It was a beautiful state of the arts office located in a safe area. I'm a petite built woman , who has never been over... READ MORE

Dr. Harrington Plastic Surgery WOW! - Plymouth, MN

I've had a small area of fat on my lower abdomen for many years and no matter how much I worked out and ate right it never budged. I decided to get a consultation for liposuction and after speaking with Dr. Harrington she recommended CoolSculpting. I am so very happy she recommended it and I did... READ MORE

Fantastic Staff! -Santa Barbara, CA

6 days post - procedure: The first few days were almost unbearable. I don't know how people go back to regular exercise. I have felt like a hard lump sits in my belly pooch, which was swollen basically up until today. The first few days I looked pregnant! Not ok! My belly still doesn't "ripple... READ MORE

Not Even 5 Weeks and I'm Starting to See a Difference - Dublin, Ireland

I'm thin but I've always had love handles which really bother me. I found a place that was doing a deal on coolsculpting, 1 area for €500, 2 areas for €750. The love handles count as 2 areas. I didn't find it painful at all, I actually thought maybe it wasn't working because I was feeling so ... READ MORE

Wating Aand Wondering - Goldsboro, NC

If it would work it would be worth it. Still no results. I am trying to be patient. I have gained about 5 lbs. since procedure was done. Watching what i am eating. Hope to see some results. Was going to have love handles done but waiting on 1st.one to work. I sure could have used that... READ MORE

just did this yesterday 03/26/2013 - Beverly Hills, CA

Before going to my very first appointment for CoolSculpting, I stumbled upon this page. There were so many complaints of how painful this process was that I was terrified. Before starting my CoolSculpt, I kept anticipating pain. Never happened. The only thing I felt, it felt as if someone had a... READ MORE

Coolsculpting - New York, NY

Last Friday I got cool sculpting. The procedure was more painful than what I thought and to add to it -the machine came off so they had to suction me twice. After about 10 min into procedure pain was not bad. After one hour they took it off and my belly was a block of ice. She then had to... READ MORE

My Experience with Cool Sculpting- The Whole Journey - Medford, OR

After a lot of research I decided to have the procedure done. I'm 28, in decent shape (I'm within 12-15 lbs of my ideal weight) and was just wanting to get rid of my problem area. I decided to have 4 sections done on my stomach using the small applicator. 2 to both sides of my lower abdomen and... READ MORE

Coolsculpting in Los Angeles-painless - Los Angeles, CA

Had procedure done on 1/24/13 with the small applicator on my lower abdomen. I am 5'2" and now 118 lbs. I was 146 lbs at one point and that was not acceptable to me. i had to make a change. I work out 4-5 days a week; cardio, resistance training, bikram yoga. I train with a personal trainer once... READ MORE

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