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CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved, non-surgical procedure that uses a handheld device to precisely freeze and destroy fat below the surface of the skin. This treatment is not intended for significant weight loss, but for treating stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Common treatment locations include the abs, love handles, inner thighs, back, arms, and underneath the chin. LEARN MORE >

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So Far Nothing! - Honolulu

Had coolsculpting done a few months ago. No bruising after, only mild soreness and numbness which has since disappeared. Did have some itching last week. Area done was to the upper abdominal region. Only one session. I was told that at around the three week point I wound begin to notice some... READ MORE

Just Got It Done Today 12-3-10…can't Wait to See Results - Virginia

So I've always been fit but I've always had a muffin top…even when I was skinny. Now that I'm 26 my muffing top is more pronounced since I'm heavier. So I went to the Zeltiq website and searched for a doctor that did this procedure near where I live. Looooved his... READ MORE

Love Zeltiq! - New York

I had the procedure done in July 2010. I had my stomach and sides done (total of 4 procedures). I had it done because I was informed that it was non-invasive, no down time and it was a natural process. I am pretty health conscious but not neurotic. I try to eat healthy and work out when I can.... READ MORE

Coolsculpting is Amazing - No Pain Great Results - Boca Raton

I have had my tummy, love handles and inner thighs done. The first five minutes of the procedure there is some discomfort ,but it is well worth the pain. The cost was $475 per section (example one leg inner thigh $475) I choose to try coolscuplting as an alteranative to liposuction. Since there... READ MORE

Excited About CoolSculpting Concept - Amarillo, TX

My problem area was at my back bra line. I am 56 years old and have had this issue since the teenage years. My issue is that my bra would be push-up from the hard fat-roll, causing my bra support to fall forward. The treatment was painless and the hardest part was watching a movie during the... READ MORE

A Bit Uncomfortable at First with Amazing Results - Chestnut Hill, MA

This was the best thing I've ever done. I've always had a pooch in my abdominal area. Now after three treatments it's totally flat. It was a little sore and numb for a few weeks. Took about a month to see results. So worth it. I recommend it to anyone with a few problem areas... READ MORE

I Had Coolsculpting and Lost 2 Inches off my Waistline After Just 1 Month! - Manhattan

There are really no cons to this procedure. I lost inches and had absolutely no down time. I did it beacuse i work out regularly and could not get rid of the stubborn fat on my abdomen no matter how well i ate or how many situps i did. READ MORE

Soo Many People Tell Me Now "Wow Look How Flat Your Stomach is and You Just Had a Baby" - Williamsville, NY

I had 3 cycles done on my abdomen about a year after i had my last baby. I am soooo pleased and cant believe how many other people actually could tell how much flatter my stomach is. I had no down time and very little tenderness for the first week after the procedure. READ MORE

Wonderful Results with NO Down Time - Amherst, NY

There are no cons to CoolSculpting. Pros - 1 hour sessions, no down time so no time off from work, you can continue to exercise. I am in my early 50's and pretty active. There are some time spots to trim down, ie: muffin top, belly area. I thought I would give it a try - I had the... READ MORE

Amazing Results! - New York

I've always had a flabby midsection (lost 50 pounds years ago and could never 'tighten up'). The Ziltiq procedure (3 hours) took inches off my midsection. Going back for a second treatment in a few weeks. It was a little painful (at first) but otherwise an amazing experience. READ MORE

I Got into my Sexy Jeans! - San Diego

I got Coolsculpting because I was sick and tired of my post-baby pooch on my lower abdomen. I lost pretty much all the weight except right there and it looked horrible in jeans but it wasn't worth having a full-on surgery. So, I was estatic to find out about Coolsculpting. I'm glad I did... READ MORE

Good Results, No Downtime - Kirkland, WA

I had abdominal surgery a couple years ago and my sides were asymetrical, so decided to give the coolsculpting treatment a try. After a couple of months I did notice that they were less noticeable and even dropped a pant size, overall I am very happy with the results! READ MORE

Zeltiq Works! - Toronto

I keep a very healthy lifestyle, and have always been fairly slender. I work out every day, but no matter how hard I try I have never been able to get rid of my pesky "pooch". I did the Zeltiq treatment on my lower abdomen and was thrilled! I lost an inch off my belly. I loved it so... READ MORE

I Was Amazed at the Results - Gilbert, AZ

I decided to try coolsculpting to get rid of some stubborn areas of fat. I exercise regularly and am not over-weight, but have not been able to lose those love handles. I was somewhat skeptical, but decided it was worth a try. I was totally amazed at the results! I could notice a distinct... READ MORE

75% Satisfied - Utah

I was treated on September 2nd for my mid/lower abdomen. The treatment itself was easy breezy and even after my treatment I didn't really have any complications. I felt numb for about 3 weeks and felt really weird when I would run or go down stairs. It felt like I had some good old... READ MORE

Amazing Treatment and Results!

CoolSculpting. this is the perfect treatment for a specific problem area. Treated my lower belly and what a difference! READ MORE

Love This!! It Works!! - St. Louis

It's the best--fat just goes away. First they fit this contraption on your fat (one side at a time), then it freezes the fat, then over the next 2 months--the fat just goes away!! READ MORE

Zeltiq - Great Results - Manhattan

I had belly fat (muffin top) that peeked out above my jeans. This tackled the excess fat that I couldn't lose, no matter how hard I exercised or dieted, so it was worth doing. I had 5 applications done in the same day. 3 apps to my belly area and 1 on each flank (love handle area)... READ MORE

Lots of Pain and Even Some Bleeding - Columbus, OH

My procedure was done 5 days ago, so I really don't know what the final result will be. I'm making this post so that others will know what to expect. I had two one-hour treatments on the same day. First the right side of my tummy was done and then the left side. There was quite a bit... READ MORE

Waste of Money - Boca Raton

This was such a let down....mid line only area went in for one hour small area....saw no results for 30 days....idea of 5 more hours and subtle results at beat.....waste of time and money....aghhh Husband did same thing and once again he also had non results......waste of money and time... READ MORE

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