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My skin looks worse after CO2 fractional laser on my face. Any suggestions?

Hi there, About 2 months ago I had co2 fractional laser treatment done to my face for a few mild acne scars only, now it appears my skin has... READ MORE

Under Eye Smile Lines Deeper Following Co2 Laser? (photo)

I had a cheek lift with temporal extension plus co2 laser resurfacing under the eyes. Now my at rest wrinkles are worse and my smile lines are so much... READ MORE

I have CO2 eight months ago. I still have a dotted pattern in my skin left from the laser. Are those dots permanent? (photos)

I have CO2 in December last year. Acne scars did not improve at all. Now 8 months after, I have a dotted pattern that goes across my face looks like... READ MORE

CO2 laser made my scars worse. Please help (Photo)

I always suffered with my face and felt there was more going on than normal acne many times I went to my doctor causes ranged from excema to cystic... READ MORE

1 month post CO2, pores is bigger looking /overall texture worse. Any suggestions?

I had Co2 frac ablative laser a little over a month ago. I am still pink which I realize is normal. I am diligently putting.lotion ans sunscreen. My... READ MORE

Does CO2 laser resurfacing help with REAL scars, not just acne scars and wrinkles? Can it make them worse? (Photo)

I had Co2 laser resurfacing to treat a scar above my brow. it's about 1" long and deep. I had treatment about 4 weeks ago and I have seen little to no... READ MORE

Fractional co2 laser. Can it make my skin any worse than it already is ?

I want to know if fractional co2 can improve my skin I have acne scarring rolling wavy texture around jaw line . Boxscar superficial type on cheeks... READ MORE

Is there significant improvement of skin between 3 and 6 months after CO2 laser?

I had fractional Co2 laser done on October 19, 2016. The doctor told me he increased the laser on my cheeks due to sun damage. I am 3 months out and... READ MORE

My acne scars are becoming worse. Can it be treated by CO2 Fractional Laser?

Can i treat deeper acne brown spot if it is on dermal layer can it be treated by co2 fractional laser READ MORE

Can CO2 make the dark circles under my eyes worse?

I had co2 laser done under my eyes on Jan 30, 2016. (I also do restalyne silk on a regular basis.) I still have redness and it seems to have made the... READ MORE

Can CO2 laser treatment create large circular scars?

Last May I had a full face CO2 laser treatment. Results were negligible, however now I am developing 3/4" diameter circular scars on my face, so far... READ MORE

I've did 2 fractional Co2 lasers treatments but it looks worse now, next step hydroquinone????

Got allot of tiny acne scars, so did 2 ablative fractional co2 lasers, my skin looks worse now. What should i do now??? Hydroquinone, retin-a??? READ MORE

Restylane looks worse after. Considering C02 laser or pinch lift under eyes? (photos)

I received 2 syringes of restylane, one under each eye. It's been 4 weeks, the lines look waaaayyy worse. I'm so upset, it's all I notice now. I had 1... READ MORE

Any suggestions for C02 Laser and Radiesse?

I am very dissatisfied with my Radiesse results and I went to see an expert who told me he could try c02 laser to try and speed up the dissolution. He... READ MORE

I have few acne scars on my cheek;not too deep. Can I do fractional Co2?

Since I moved to Canada I have had a lot of breakouts on my forehead, they are giving me a lot of blemishes and my skin is getting dryer and worse. I... READ MORE

Which gives the best results fractional co2 resurfacing or sublative rejuvenation and how long realistically does it last?

I am 47 years old female with sun damage brown and white patches to sides of face and fairly deep wrinkes above upper lip and sides of nose to mouth... READ MORE

Is it normal to have larger pores and worse scars after laser deep CO2? (Photos)

I had acne for many years, worse at different times. I am now almost 40 and some scarring was inevitable. After a first session of deep CO2 my skin... READ MORE

Eye bags worse after fractional CO2 laser, will a second treatment help or worsen the problem?

Hi, I had fractional CO2 laser all over my face which has resulted in slightly smoother fresher skin and tighter skin around the eyes. However I now... READ MORE

Is It Normal for my Skin to Look WORSE Two Weeks After CO2RE on Face?

I am a 37 yr old female who had the co2re laser resurfacing done on my face two and a half weeks ago to treat mild sun damage, crows feet, and just... READ MORE

Had CO2 Laser for Minor Pigmentation and Fine Lines, But Results Are Worse; What Are My Options? (photo)

24days post CO2 laser for minor pigmentation & fine lines. I told the doctor I was taking oxytetracycline & duac gel for acne - stopped day 1.... READ MORE

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