Aftercare + CO2 Laser

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3 1/2 weeks after CO2 Fractional laser resurfacing, still peeling, raw, track bit dents and demarcation lines.

I messed up in the after care instructions. I put manuka honey on my face on day 3, thinking it would keep it moist, however when I washed my face on... READ MORE

What to use on face right after the CO2 DOT laser resurfacing treatment? Should I cool my face, rinse it w/water or use Aquafor?

I just had my CO2 DOT laser resurfacing treatment (which lasted 10-15min) 6hrs ago. Though the facility (in Hollywood) appeared respectable I am... READ MORE

Aftercare after CO2 Ablative Laser for a Scar Revision to Neck. (photo)

Hi Doctors, I just had a large bad scar on my neck and chin lasered at Mass General Hospital by a top surgeon. It crusted over with a dark crust... READ MORE

Fractional co2 laser aftercare and recovery process... (photo)

Getting the Co2 fractional laser done all over my face for mild acne scarring/acne. I was wondering if my recovery time will take longer or if my... READ MORE

C02 Laser Alternate Between Antibiotic and Petrolium Jelly Wash with Water Only? or Cetaphil?

I just had C02 laser resurfacing the doctor said to wash with only water and then to alternate between layers of petrolium jelly and triple antibiotic... READ MORE

Can I use B imagine instead of Aquafor and get same benefits?

I have DOT CO2 laser two days ago. It seems to be going well, I'm looking forward to that peeling, My doctor gave me very few aftercare instructions,... READ MORE

Facial swelling after laser peel. Is this normal?

Inhad the fractional c02 laser done 5 days ago , all the normal expected results are happening, I'm now just puffy & peeling , I'm doing the creams &... READ MORE

Just Had Subcision; Anything else I need to know?

I have just had subcision today but my plastic surgeon didn't give me much advice on aftercare. All he has done has put a plasters on my scars and... READ MORE

I had co2 laser resurfacing done to my entire face yesterday, 75% ablative setting, what is best after skin regimen?

I am using aquaphor after reading reviews on this site, I also read comments about vinegar soaks, are Nsaids OK! I was told to avoid them so my body... READ MORE

Post Fractional CO2 procedure care?

Hi, I have gone through a Frac. CO2 for my acne scars. Cetaphil facewash & Aquaphor is not available here. It been 5 days post treatment can i use... READ MORE

How long should I be taking Valaciclovir 500mg Anti-viral - Post-CO2/ Erbium laser?

Hello, Recently done my laser resurfacing and was prescribed Valaciclovir 500 mg (twice daily) which instructed to be taken a day prior the laser... READ MORE

Can I Use Vitamin C Serum and Revitol Acne Scar Treatment After Co2 Laser Treatment?

I just had my Co2 fractional laser done in my face for my acne scars. I have here my Vitamin C serum ampoules and Revitola acne scar treatment. Can I... READ MORE

I had my benign moles removed wit CO2 Laser. What is the proper laser mole removal aftercare?

So i had some of my benign moles removed with co2 laser. After removal the nurse put some yellow powder on the wounds... The doctor told me to avoid... READ MORE

I had C02 laser around my mouth (deep) after fat grafting. This provider has totally different aftercare. Not sure what to do!

I have had this invasive procedure done twice in the past 12 years with excellent re- sults.. I am to use warm water and hydrogen peroxide 4x daily to... READ MORE

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