1 Week Post-op + CO2 Laser

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How long could swelling, face tingling, and itching last after an intense micro ablative co2 laser treatment?

I am on day six and love the results. However, I am still a bit swollen in the lower cheek area and around my mouth, due to a heavy focus in this area... READ MORE

No peeling skin after CO2 laser. Is this normal?

I just had my CO2 laser fractional done 7days ago for my acne scars and ice pick scars. After 5days all my scabs has dropped and my acne scars getting... READ MORE

Is it normal to have lines (indentations) on your face after CO2 laser? I'm 8 days out and getting concerned.

I got my CO2 fractional laser (dot therapy) done 8 days ago. I'm still red and heeling but all my skin has peeled. I have these red indentation lines... READ MORE

African American Post Co2 Fractional. Can I Use Tretinoin & Blender?

I am african american and had co2 fractional laser 5 days ago. I was told that it will peel (slough) off in about 10 days, but it actually started... READ MORE

CO2 laser mole removal 9 days post treatment

3rd time for a big mole I had and 1st time for a smaller mole under my lip. There are still bits of skin that look like they should peel off the mole... READ MORE

I'm worried about these pinkish lines on my face after CO2 laser. Is it normal? (Photo)

I am on the ninth day after fractional CO2 laser . I'm worried about these pinkish lines on my face. Will I recover? is there some specific topical... READ MORE

Is extreme redness usual five days post treatment?

The bleeding is nearly stopped, but five days post-treatment (full face CO2 laser -- two passes over entire face with third pass over keratoses on... READ MORE

Syringoma persist after CO2 laser?

I had a Co2 laser done 6 days ago around my orbital area and some scabs have slowly come off.However, I noticed that the skin underneath appears to... READ MORE

I peeled off my scabs on day 6 of CO2 laser. Now I am worried about marks? Should I be worried?

I manually peeled off the scabs as they were getting irritating and i guess I hadn't moisturized the skin well enough. Now the skin looks red... READ MORE

Day 5 of laser resurface and my face is 100% inflamed with itching burning pain. My face is just dripping? (photo)

I am on day 5 of healing from laser. Everything was going well then tonight my face is 100% inflamed. I am taking Motrin 800. Benadryl I washed my... READ MORE

CO2 deep laser treatment. Is it normal to have major swelling under tape 5 days after procedure? (Photo)

I had a deep CO2 laser treatment. Tape was put on my face, my face was somewhat swollen the first 2 days and then went down. My face then swelled like... READ MORE

I'm 5 days post Co2 laser and I have scabs on my cheek. In the small peeled parts I can see scar lines. What can I do? (Photo)

I had the co2 laser iroller by alma lasers.... Now it's my day 5 and I have this big scabs in my face and it doesn't look like is peeling soon, I'm... READ MORE

Will the orange peel texture of my forehead after co2 laser 8 days ago go away? Pores are larger and texture worse.

I peeled 3-4 days after total fx for acne scars. Dr thought I healed well at 4 day, started skin medica moisturizer,and on day 8 my forehead, which... READ MORE

Acne with Laser Resurfacing? (photo)

I can not get ahold of my dermatologist I am 6 days post op from going under general anesthesia for CO2 laser resurfacing i am now breaking out... READ MORE

Why am I still, after 6 days, in pain and uncomfortable?

Day 6 post CO2 laser and I'm still peeling, hideously red and my skin is painfully tight before I apply hydra balm, aquaphor, or hydrocortisone. I... READ MORE

I Had the C02 Fractional Laser Done 6 Days Ago How Long Does It Take for Wrinkles to Disappear?

After 6 days the redness is gone and I didn't have any peeling? I used a lot of the cream 6 times a day tho. When will the wrinkles disappear? It... READ MORE

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