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Chin Liposuction, Neck Lift, or Both for 33 Year Old Male?

At 33 and I have recently noticed some bad changes in the my neck. My jaw is not as defined and angular as it use to be and I no longer have the... READ MORE

Will Chin Liposuction Result in Loose Skin?

I am a 24 year old who wants to do Chin Liposuction and I am wondering if this will result in loose sagging skin. I have been working out for two... READ MORE

How Would the Skin Be Tested to Make Sure It is Elastic Enough for Chin Liposuction?

Will the skin to sag after the fat is removed. Is age a factor? Is there a certain age at which liposuction has less than ideal results? READ MORE

Are my Results Normal?

I had chin liposuction one month ago. I still have a hard, sore lump and the skin is saggy. I wore my chin strap constantly at first and now that I'm... READ MORE

I'm 20 and I appear to have sagging jowls. What can I do to improve my jawline? (photos)

I'm 20 years old and have over the past few years started to notice my jowl area sagging and my mouth is constantly frowning. My mouth appears... READ MORE

How Often is a Chin Lift Needed After Chin Liposuction?

How many weeks after lipo will it be obvious if the skin is sagging and will be in need of another procedure? Not all patients end up needing a lift,... READ MORE

I'm 45 years old. Recently lost about 80 pounds. I inherited a horrible neck, too. What's the best bang for my buck to help with

I cannot stand my profile any longer. I have included horrible pictures, although I don't go out of the house looking this bad. :) most photos I see... READ MORE

3 month post op Liposuction of the chin I have one side that is sagging. I look worse now than I did before. Is this normal?

The doctor said to fix this I have to have further Lipo which he will charge me for, or a lower face lift. READ MORE

21 years old male; What kind of procedure would help my sagging neck and jowl? (photos)

I know I'm super young to even think about plastic surgery but seriously that's what makes me really frustrated cause I have a skinny body complexion... READ MORE

Will chin lipo make my loose neck skin worse? Is there another procedure that would be better? (photos)

I'm in my late 30s and have lost a lot of weight. The skin around my neck is already sagging. Would chin lipo make it even worse? Any alternate... READ MORE

Is my growing double chin a problem with sagging skin or excessive fat? What's the best treatment? (Photo)

I am 46. Very healthy. I have been developing a double chin since last year. I did not give it much notice until a few weeks ago when the problem... READ MORE

Would lipo work on my jowls? (Photo)

I would like to just get lipo on my jowls to reduce the appearance of the sagging. Is this possible? I would like the least invasive possibility that... READ MORE

36 years, 10 days post chin/neck liposuction. When will I look presentable again?

Hello good doctors, Due to the classic saggy useless look. Exercise changed nothing. My experienced surgeon suggested all I needed was liposuction.... READ MORE

I want a defined, awesome jawline. Suggestion? (photos)

I've recently lost 40 lbs. I was really excited to see if the fat and saggy skin around my neck would go away after that, but it didn't. I am SICK of... READ MORE

Any suggestions for 24 yrs double chin? (photos)

Hi I am 24 years old. I have a double chin situation with what I feel is sagging skin. I don't like my profile. My neck and chin look very different... READ MORE

I am getting chin and jawline Liposculpture on Monday and am wondering if it will create sagging in the long term?

I am 5'4 and 119 pounds so the sagging wouldn't be caused by fat loss. I am more concerned that the trauma and separation of layers of tissue will... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: I want a defined, awesome jawline. Suggestion? (photos)

I've recently lost 40 lbs. I was really excited to see if the fat and saggy skin around my neck would go away after that, but it didn't. I am 35 and... READ MORE

What do you think is my chance of having sagging skin after chin lipo? (Photo)

I'm supposef to get chin lipo in about a month , just after seeing some really bad results of sagging skin I'm getting scared..,. So I added a picture... READ MORE

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