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Chin Implant Its Uneven and Swollen. Is This Normal? (photo)

I am 2 weeks post op. My chin looks very uneven especially the right side. My left side is not as swollen but I do have a very hard lump just below my... READ MORE

Face Swollen After Chin Implant? (photo)

Hi , I have a question. I had a chin implant (size small) 3 days ago with local anesthesia. The Dr. put in a lot of licodaine. Now my face is very... READ MORE

My Face is Uneven 1 Month Post Lipo of Chin and Neck?

I had liposuction of the chin and neck and my left side is still swollen and its not symetrical with the right my left seems to droop Also i still... READ MORE

I Had a Chin Implant 2 Days Ago. My Chin is Very Swollen and Itchy. Is It Infected?

I had a chin implant along with rhinoplasty Feb 13. I went to my post op and my Dr. said everything looked fine but started me on a cycle of steroids... READ MORE

1 Month Post-Op Chin Augmentation Still Looks Swollen and Box Shaped, Normal?

Dear doctors, I just had my chin augmentation surgery a month ago. But, now I feel like there is a round shape of box under my chin when every time I... READ MORE

I Had a Chin Implant, Neck Lift, and Liposuction Done Two Days Ago. Why is my cheeks and lower lips are still swollen?

I had a chin implant, neck lift, and liposuction done two days ago. My cheeks and lower lip are still swollen. I notice when I press on the right side... READ MORE

I got a chin implant. Help! Why does my face look like a cereal box? (Photo)

.Im very scared i think im regreting the procedure. My cheeks are very swollen . I look like frankestein. Why does my face looks like a cereal... READ MORE

My smile after chin implant and neck lipo (Photo)

I just had a chin implant and neck liposuction two weeks ago and I'm freaking out at how my smile and face is deformed. I need your input on if my... READ MORE

2 days post op, I Had a Chin Implant, Neck Lift, and Liposuction Done, Have Swelling?

I had a chin implant, neck lift, and liposuction done two days ago. My cheeks and lower lip are still swollen. I noticed when I press on the right... READ MORE

Chin implant looks crooked and swollen on one side. Is it normal to be more swollen on one side? (Photo)

7 days post op on a small silicone chin implant. doctor removed orally a large silicon implant that had been placed 16 years ago too high. new one was... READ MORE

Is my chin implant too big or is it still swollen? (Photo)

10 days ago I had surgery for a chin implant. I was under the impression that I was going to get a small implant, but was later told at my 1 week... READ MORE

Is it possible to gently massage a chin implant into a new position a few days after it is installed?

I had a silicone implant installed 10 days ago... After the 3 rd day I panicked and began to slowly push it upwards, only what I could tolerate pain... READ MORE

Chin Implant 3 Days Ago and Left Size is Much More Swollen and Painful?

I had chin implant and rhinoplasty 3 days ago. I'm worried the medpor chin implant is not sitting correctly even tho the surgeon screwed it in. My... READ MORE

Heal Time on Chin Implant, Neck Lipo, Bucxal Fat Removal and Cheek Fat Grafting?

I have just done a procedure of a chin implant, buccal fat removal, neck lipo and cheek fat injections. 1 day out im cery sore and swalloon and i... READ MORE

Chin Implant Infection or Swelling? (photo)

I had a chin implant done about a week ago now i noticed it is very swollen and a scab has occurred about the incision? My plastic surgeon said it... READ MORE

Chin implant was removed 3 months ago and chin is still swollen. How can this be fixed? (Photo)

Should I get a chin tuck or wait a year for the scar capsule to disvolve. I hate how masculine I look now, not sure if I can wait a year. I love how... READ MORE

I had a chin implant a year and 2 months ago. My lower lip has been in pain every day since with a swollen mass. What can I do?

My lower lip first didn't have feeling for > 2 months, then a slight feeling came but with pain. At 3 months a mass started forming and there was... READ MORE

Is my chin crooked from chin implant? (photos)

I'm 6 weeks post now and it seems that my chin is crooked. I know I'm still a little swollen (I also had lipo) but I think it's more than that. I've... READ MORE

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