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Intraoral Scar from Chin Implant - Mentalis Muscle Resuspension? (photos)

Last year i had a intramural chin implant removed. Since then, the inside of my bottom lip sticks to my bottom gum. The best way i can describe it is... READ MORE

Is my Chin Implant Riding High and Causing Gum Soreness? (photo)

I'm 7weeks post chin Implant (anatomic medpor,intra-orally)op. I feel the chin Implant is very high on the left side.I see pink line of blood on my... READ MORE

Lower Lip Appears to Have Reverted to Gum Tissue After Chin Implant. Have I Ruined my Face?

I had a chin implant 11 wks ago via an intra-oral incision. My left lower lip was completely paralyzed. I can now lower my lip a little over halfway... READ MORE

Chin Implant Via Intra Oral Incision with Gum Recession?

I have previously had a labret piercing 4 years ago (under the lip) and have some minor gum recession on my lower gums and redness due to this. I am... READ MORE

Left Lower Lip Appears to Be Reverting Back to Gum Tissue 3 Months Post Chin Implant. What Happened?

Total left lip paralysis immediately after chin implant. Can now lower lip about 2/3 of the way, but only outer lip moves while gum tissue remains... READ MORE

Is something wrong with my chin implant? I'm in so much pain after a week.

4 years ago I had chin augmentation via intraoral, but the incision never closed completely, so I had it removed because it was contaminated. I... READ MORE

Should I get a larger/bigger chin implant? (photos)

Really, I can't really tell if my chin is still slightly recessive or not, and I was wondering if I should exchange my implant for a larger one. What... READ MORE

I have a chin implant and I have some gum recession. I'm wondering if the chin implant might be causing this?

I have had my chin implant for about 13 years now, never any issues except for occasional pain if i sleep on it too hard. I have gum recession over a... READ MORE

Chin Implant, sharp pain on the right side. Any suggestions?

The left side of my face is not swollen at all, but the right side is a bit more swollen. I can feel the "wing" of the implant through my gums. There... READ MORE

Do I need a chin implant? (Photo)

Bit concerned i have either or both a weak jaw and chin. I currently have braces, hence my gums are pushed out a bit. I also used to have a overbite... READ MORE

Where can I get an x-ray of my medium silicon chin implant?

Can I request of x ray of my medium silicon chin implant at a regular hospital, and will they be able to tell if anything is wrong with it like... READ MORE

Lips still don't touch 4 months after chin implant. Can this be fixed? (photos)

I got a chin implant almost 4 months ago (w/ a very renowned and trusted plastic surgeon) because mine was very weak. I feel my implant is too high.... READ MORE

Chin implant: How can I stay away from infection please - tell me everything.

I've just got a chin implate and brow lift. Op day 3 I have salt bath all worns 2 twice I am not long wear head gear, please me as I am going back to... READ MORE

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